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Dear Teacher: Expert Advice for Effective Study Skills

by William H Peltz SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Hbk 240 pages
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Addresses common defense mechanisms and rationalizations students use to avoid studying, and offers ready-to-use and easy-to-understand skills for middle and high school classrooms.

About the Author
Part I - Overcoming Obstacles and Negative Attitudes
1. Stinkin?, Thinkin?, and Other Roadblocks
2. My Homework Is Boring
3. Who Has the Time for Homework?
4. Just Add Water - Skill Development Takes Time
5. I?m too Tired to Study
6. Get a Coach - Your Very Own Personal Trainer for Studying
Part II - Notebooks and Note-Taking Skills
7. Bring the Correct Notebook to Class
8. The How-Many-Notebooks-Do-I-Need Dilemma
9. Note-Taking Formats
10. Note-Taking Shortcuts
11. Taping a Class
Part III - Homework Skills
12. Recording Assignments
13. Misplaced Homework
14. Why Even Do Homework?
15. Location, Location, Location - What is a Good Study Environment?
16. Sit on the Floor or at my Desk? ? Setting up an Effective Study Environment
17. Background Music and Homework
18. Wandering Focus
19. Pressure vs. Stress
20. Homework Schedules
21. Ready, Set....Don?t Start - Procrastination
22. Giving too Much Help to Friends
23. Too Much Parental Help
24. Brief Nightly Review of Notes
25. How to Read Informational Texts
26. Reading Rates
27. Take Notes While Reading?
Part IV - Test Preparation and Test-taking Skills
28. Studying for Easy and Hard Subjects
29. Overcoming Spelling Problems
30. Is it Possible to Study too Long for a Test?
31. Mnemonics
32. Overwhelmed and Stuck
33. Finding Clues About Test Content
34. Study Cards
35. Long-Term Memory Formation; Rehearsal and Recitation
36. Memorizing Long Lists
37. Forgetting and Cramming
38. Directives
39. Food for the Brain
40. Preparing for Free Response Questions
41. Preparing for True/False Tests
42. Preparing for Multiple Choice Questions
43. Preparing for Open Book Tests
44. Problems Finishing the Tests
45. Proofreading
46. Study Groups
47. Remembering Locations - Episodic Memory
48. Should You Keep Your Eyes on Your Paper?
49. Analyzing Returning Tests
Part V - Exams
50. Preparing for and Taking Exams and High-Stake Tests

"A top pick for both middle/high school and college-level reference libraries catering to students who want to learn how to study more effectively."