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SAGE Handbook of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media

by Joy Keiko Asamen, Mesha L Ellis and Gordon L Berry SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Hbk 528 pages
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Foreword: Multiculturalism, Media, and Money - John P. Murray, Farrell J. Webb
Introduction: The Interface of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media Within a Worldview Framework - Gordon L. Berry
PART I. Foundations for Multicultural Concepts, Child Development Principles, and an Emerging Worldview
1. Multiculturalism as a Cornerstone of Being in the 21st Century: A Historical Perspective - Ronald Takaki
2. Children and the Principles of Learning: Implications for Multicultural Development - Mesha L. Ellis
3. Children and Cognition: Development of Social Schema - John E. Lochman, Khiela J. Holmes, Mary Wojnaroski
4. Ethnic and Racial Identity Development in Children of Color - Sha'kema M. Blackmon, Elizabeth M. Vera
5. Research Methods Related to Understanding Multicultural Concepts - Frederick T. L. Leong, Desiree Baolian Qin, Jason L. Huang
PART II. Institutions of Socialization and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview
6. Multicultural Issues in the Lives of Developing Children in the 21st Century - Daren A. Graves, Sherryl Brown Graves
7. Home and Family in the Development of a Multicultural Worldview - Sinead N. Younge, Harriette Pipes McAdoo
8. Socio-Political and Community Dynamics in the Development of a Multicultural Woldview - Shelly P. Harrell, Miguel E. Gallardo
9. Changing Drum Rhythms: How Religious Leaders Can Affirm the Value of Multiculturalism in their Communities - Erylene Piper-Mandy, Daryl M. Rowe
10. Improving Academic Possibilities of Students of Color during the Middle School to High School Transition: Conceptual and Strategic Considerations in a U.S. Context - Robert Cooper, Cheong R. Huh
11. Does Integration and Belonging Go Hand in Hand? Adolescents' Social and Educational Experiences in a Multicultural Learning Environment - Evellyn Elizondo, Kimberly A. White-Smith, Walter R. Allen
12. The Influence of Peers on the Development of a Multicultural Worldview - Cynthia Hudley
PART III. Media and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview
13. Media and Communication Theories: Implications for a Multicultural Perspective - Dana Mastro, Michelle Ortiz
14. The Influence of Print Medium on the Development of a Multicultural Perspective in Children - Clint C. Wilson II, Mary J. Wilson
15. Children's Television Programming and the Development of Multicultural Attitudes - Sherryl Browne Graves
16. Advertisements, Commercials, and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview - Jeffrey E. Brand
17. Children and Television News Broadcasting: An Intercultural Communication Analytical Approach - Venita A. Kelley
18. An Evaluation of the Effects of Movies on Adolescent Viewers - Jannette L. Dates, Lillie M. Fears, Josephine Stedman
19. The Multicultural Implications of Popular Music - Peter Christenson, Tom ter Bogt
20. Multiculturalism and Music Videos: Effects on the Socioemotional Development of Children and Adolescents - Khia A. Thomas, Kyla M. Day, L. Monique Ward
21. Electronic Media and Learning through Imaginative Games for Urban Children - Dorothy G. Singer, Jerome L. Singer, Harvey F. Bellin
22. The Influence of Computers, Interactive Games, and the Internet on a Child's Multicultural Worldview - Adrienne Shaw, Deborah L. Linebarger
23. Multicultural Perspectives, Developing Children, and Access to the Information Superhighway - Edward L. Palmer, Jennifer A. Tuttle
24. Making Sense of Kids Making Sense: Media Encounters and "Multicultural" Methods - Darnell M. Hunt, Angela James
PART IV. Perspectives on Media Literacy and the Forces that Shape the Media Experiences of Children
25. Media Literacy, the First 100 Years: A Cultural Analysis - James A. Anderson
26. Educational Settings and the Use of Technology to Promote the Multicultural Development of Children - Kevin Clark
27. The Changing Landscape: Media Advocacy for the New Millennium - Laurie A. Trotta
28. Role of Parents and Caregivers in Creating a Healthy Multicultural Media Environment for Children - Christina Romano Glaubke, Patti Miller
Chapter 29: Media and Governmental Policies Related to the Development of Multicultural Attitudes in Children - Jennings Bryant
Epilogue: The Realities of Growing Up in a Multicultural and Multimedia World - Joy Keiko Asamen
DROPPED Chapter 14: Cinema and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview - Jannette L. Dates, Josephine Stedman-Gnaka
DROPPED Chapter 25: Social, Political, and Economic Perspectives: Implications for the Development of a Multicultural Worldview - George Comstock
DROPPED Chapter 28: Public Broadcasters, Television Programming, and the Development of Multicultural Views in Children - Rosemarie T. Truglio

Dr. Asamen received her doctorate in educational psychology, specializing in counseling psychology. She came to Pepperdine University after five years in psychiatric research at the Veterans AdministrationAMedicalACenter in Brentwood and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Her teaching interests are in areas of research methods and data analysis. She is a licensed psychologist in California.