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SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy

by Costas Constantinou, Pauline Kerr and Paul Sharp Sage Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 722 pages
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With broad coverage spanning concepts and theories, institutions, relations, and engagement this new handbook provides state-of-the-art analysis from the world’s leading experts.


The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy provides a major thematic overview of Diplomacy and its study that is theoretically and historically informed and in sync with the current and future needs of diplomatic practice .


Original contributions from a brilliant team of global experts are organised into four thematic sections: Section One: Diplomatic Concepts & Theories

Section Two: Diplomatic Institutions

Section Three: Diplomatic Relations

Section Four: Types of Diplomatic Engagement

1. Theoretical Perspectives in Diplomacy - Costas M. Constantinou and Paul Sharp
2. A Conceptual History of Diplomacy - Halvard Leira
3. Diplomacy and the Colonial Encounter - Sam Okoth Opondo
4. Statecraft, Strategy and Diplomacy - Markus Kornprobst
5. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy - Brian Hocking
6. Diplomacy, Communication and Signaling - Christer Jönsson
7. Diplomatic Agency - Rebecca Adler-Nissen
8. Diplomatic Culture - Jason Dittmer & Fiona McConnell
9. Diplomacy and the Arts - Iver B. Neumann
10. Diplomatic Ethics - Corneliu Bjola
11. Diplomatic Knowledge - Noé Cornago
12. Embassies, Permanent Missions & Special Missions - Kishan S. Rana
13. Consulates and Consular Diplomacy - Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín
14. The Diplomatic Corps - Paul Sharp and Geoffrey Wiseman
15. Diplomacy and International Law - David Clinton and Mikulas Fabry
16. Diplomatic Immunity - Linda S. Frey and Marsha L. Frey
17. Diplomacy and Negotiation - I William Zartman
18. Diplomatic Mediation - Karin Aggestam
19. Diplomatic Summitry - David H. Dunn and Richard Lock-Pullan
20. Diplomatic Language - Donna Marie Oglesby
21. Diplomatic Relations Between States - Alan James
22. Great Power Diplomacy - Cornelia Navari
23. Middle Power Diplomacy - Yolanda Spies
24. Small State Diplomacy - Baldur Thorhallsson and Alyson J.K. Bailes
25. European Union Diplomacy - Michael Smith
26. American Diplomacy - Alan K. Henrikson
27. Russian Post-Soviet Diplomacy - Tatiana Zonova
28. China's Diplomacy - Chen Zhimin
29. Diplomacy in East Asia - Pauline Kerr
30. Latin American Diplomacy - Sean W. Burges and Fabrício H Chagas Bastos
31. Middle East Diplomacy - Stephan Stetter
32. African Diplomacy - Asteris Huliaras and Konstantinos Magliveras
33. Southern African Diplomacy - Stephen Chan
34. Developing States Diplomacy - Stephen Calleya
35. Public Diplomacy - Ellen Huijgh
36. Quiet and Secret Diplomacy - William Maley
37. Crisis Diplomacy - Edward Avenell and David Hastings Dunn
38. Coercive Diplomacy - Peter Viggo Jakobsen
39. Revolutionary Diplomacy - David Armstrong
40. Conference Diplomacy - Paul Meerts
41. City Diplomacy - Michele Acuto
42. Citizen Diplomacy - Melissa Conley Tyler and Craig Beyerinck
43. Celebrity Diplomacy - Mark Wheeler
44. Digital Diplomacy - Eytan Gilboa
45. Economic Diplomacy - Maaike Okano-Heijmans
46. Business Diplomacy - Huub Ruël and Tim Wolters
47. Religious Diplomacy - David Joseph Wellman
48. Military Diplomacy - See Seng Tan
49. Environmental Diplomacy - Saleem H. Ali and Helena Voinov Vladich
50. Sports Diplomacy - Stuart Murray
51. Science Diplomacy - Daryl Copeland
52. Indigenous Diplomacy - J. Marshall Beier
53. Pariah Diplomacy - Huss Banai

Comprehensively global in its scope and ambition, this Sage Handbook will have great appeal for both scholars and practitioners. With its 53 chapters ranging in in substance from the very traditional (e.g. the meaning of 'diplomatic relations')  to the very modern (e.g. 'digital diplomacy' and 'celebrity diplomacy'), and in style from the relentlessly abstract (e.g. 'conceptualizing diplomatic agency') to the sharply empirical (e.g. 'improving embassy performance'),  it has something for everyone in the international relations business, and deserves a place on all our shelves.
Costas M. Constantinou - University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Pauline Kerr - Australian National University, Australia

Paul Sharp - University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA


Pauline Kerr is Director of Studies and Fellow Emeritus in the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD) at the Australian National University. She teaches courses in the APCD's Master of Diplomacy program and her research focusses on theories and practices of diplomacy, both ancient and contemporary. Her recent publications include Diplomacy in a Globalizing World: Theories and Practices, Oxford University Press, New York (co-editor with Geoffrey Wiseman), 2013, pp.406; China's New Diplomacy: Tactical or Fundamental Change?, Palgrave Macmillan Press, New York, 2008 (editor with Stuart Harris and Qin Yawing), 298.