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Myofascial Training: Intelligent Movement for Mobility, Performance, and Recovery

by Ester Albini Human Kinetics
Pub Date:
Pbk 320 pages
AU$72.99 NZ$74.77
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Perform your best and feel your best by keeping your body flexible, strong, and mobile.


Myofascial Training: Intelligent Movement for Mobility, Performance, and Recovery will show you how to reset your network of fascia, the connective tissues that support and protect the muscles and bones that facilitate every move you make. The result? A toned, balanced, relaxed, and coordinated body.


Following five fundamental strategies—feel, mobilize, stretch, move, and release—you will learn specific exercises for the fascia throughout your body. The movements are simple, and most require only your own bodyweight. Expert instruction will lead you through sequences to improve function, enhance performance, recover from injury, and release tension. More than 600 color photos show the correct starting position and technique for each movement to ensure optimal results.


In addition, you’ll find dedicated sequences and programs for specific situations and conditions. Constantly working at a computer? Focus on relief for the shoulders and neck or for carpal tunnel syndrome. Standing all day? Try a program for healthy feet. Looking to improve a personal best? Employ techniques to help improve running form.


Whether you want to improve your functional daily living or enhance athletic performance, the benefits of mobilizing the fascia network are significant. With Myofascial Training, you will learn to truly listen to and feel how your body moves as a functional unit and how to incorporate the right training exercises to feel your absolute best.

Chapter 1. What Is Fascia?
Chapter 2. Myofascial Lines
Chapter 3. FReE: Fascial Real Emotion
Chapter 4. FEEL IT: Perception and Activation
Chapter 5. MOBILITY: Functional Mobility
Chapter 6. STRETCH: Fascial Stretching and Shape
Chapter 7. ENERGY: Movement as Elastic Energy
Chapter 8. RELEASE: Fascial Release
Chapter 9. Training Programs


Ester Albini is the owner of Ester Albini Pilates Academy and cofounder of the Functional Training School (FTS). She is a personal trainer and fitness instructor and has a diploma in fitness from the Swiss Confederation. Her professional training includes an impressive list of credentials, such as Anatomy Trains Levels I and II, IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level I, TRX Level II, Reebok Master Trainer, Polestar, Balanced Body, Gyrotonic Teacher Level 1, and Posturologa Mézières and Bricot. She has been a lecturer for several international schools, including FTS, the Italian Fitness Federation (FIF), Reebok, and the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports (SAFS). Albini is the creator of the Woodpole method, Body Ball Relaxing, and Fascial Real Emotion (FReE). She is also the author of several books and DVDs.