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Autism Language Launcher: A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Turn Sounds and Words into Simple Conversations

by Kate C. Wilde Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 288 pages
AU$36.99 NZ$38.25
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Do you want to help your child on the autism spectrum to verbally communicate with you and others?


You've picked up the right book.


The Autism Language Launcher gives you something totally new: a step-by-step guide that ignites language lift-off by using methods such as tapping into your child's innate

intelligence, going with your child instead of against your child and providing techniques that work with adults on the spectrum.


Written for parents, relatives, professionals, educators, or caregivers of a child or adult who is not yet verbal, making some sounds, using some words, speaking in single words,

or using two-word phrases, this book uses the author's decades of experience with children and adults on the spectrum.


Kate also demonstrates how to effectively address your child's echolalia, repetitious language, and repetitive questions in a way that your child will find supportive, bonding, and even joyful. Ultimately, this book shows you how to make language happen.


Market: Parents of children with autism, carers, education professionals.

1. What is Possible for My Child? 2. The Son-Rise Program ABC Model: Timing is Everything. 3. Creating a Speech-Launching Environment. 4. Interactive Attention Span. 5. The Power of What You Say To Your Child. 6. Invite Without Pushing. 7. Listen and Enjoy. 8. Respond Respond Respond. 9. Use The Name It Technique. 10. Ask Your Child to Speak. 11. The Son-Rise Developmental Model: Verbal Communication. 12. Stage 1 Goals. 13. Stage 2 Goals. 14. Stage 3 Goals. 15. Frequently Asked Questions.

Kate Wilde has done it again! In a clear and concise manner, her new book The Autism Language Launcher lays out how speech can become a very real possibility for any currently non-verbal child or adult with autism. In her book, Kate offers not only buckets of hope (backed up with so many wonderful examples) to support families on this journey to spoken language, but also concrete techniques that encourage success and help build increased relationship with our children. I adore Kate, I adore this book and I can't wait to hand it out to all my families who wish for more verbal communication with their children. Mark my words, The Autism Language Launcher is a game changer!
Kate Wilde has spent the whole of her life working with children on the autism spectrum. She has worked for the Autism Treatment C enter of America® for over 25 years, working one-on-one with over 1,500 children from more than 40 different countries. She is currently the Director of The Son-Rise Program®. She lives in Suffolk, UK.