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Handbook of Therapeutic Care for Children: Evidence-Informed Approaches to Working with Traumatized Children and Adolescents in Foster, Kinship and Adoptive Care

by Joe Tucci, Janise Mitchell and Edward Tronick Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Pbk 344 pages
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This innovative book brings together a wide range of therapeutic approaches, techniques and models to outline recent developments in the practice of supporting children in out-of home care. It sheds light on the significance of schools, sports and peer relationships in the lives of traumatized children. It also draws particular attention to the vital importance of taking into account children's cultural heritage, and to the growing prevalence of relative care. Each chapter is set out by acclaimed and world-renowned contributors' specific approach, such as Dan Hughes and his work on conceptual maps and Cathy Malchiodi and her research on creative interventions, and gives practical ways to support children and carers. It also includes contributions from Bruce Perry, Allan Schore and Martin Teicher. This comprehensive volume will open new avenues for understanding how the relationship between child and carer can create opportunities for change and healing.

1. The Need for a New in the Care and Support of Children in Foster, Relative and Adoptive Care. 2. What are the Key Elements of Therapeutic Care? 3. Understanding the Needs of Vulnerable Children: The Importance of Type and Timing of Maltreatment on Brain Development and Risks (Martin Teicher and Orgilmaa Munkbaatar, Belmont MA). 4. The Fundamental Role of the Mother in the Interpersonal Neurobiological Origins of Mutual Love (Allan Schore, Northridge CA). 5. "Support and love and all that stuff": Evidence of impact in the Treatment and Care for Kids Program (Lynne McPherson and Kathomi Gatwiri, Coolangatta and Bilinga, Australia). 6. The Neurosequential Model: A developmentally-sensitive, neuroscience-informed approach to clinical problem solving (Bruce Perry, Chattanooga, TN). 7. Dabakan kooyliny - go slowly, walk slowly, go together: Culturally Strong Therapeutic Care for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Children, Families and Communities (Glenda Kickett and Shaun Chandran, Perth, Australia). 8. Children in Kinship Care: Issues for Promoting their Mental Health (Elaine Farmer and Meredith Kiraly, Bristol, UK and Victoria, Australia). 9. Therapeutic Care Teams: Horizontal Teams in the Vertical World of Out of Home Care (Noel MacNamara, Banora Point, Australia). 10. Defining the conceptual maps that resource the day to day interactions between carers and children to become more therapeutic (Daniel Hughes and Jonathan Baylin, South Portland, US and Wilmington, US). 11. Resetting the fabric of love: Real life applications that promote emotional connection in the day to day experience of looked after and adopted children and their parents (Kim Golding, Malvern, UK). 12. Expressive Arts Therapy as Self-Regulatory and Relational Interventions with Children and Caregivers (Cathy Malchiodi, Louisville, US). 13. Therapeutic Care as it Evolves.

'Finally, a book that successfully addresses all of the complex bio-psycho-socialdevelopmental
consequences of early trauma! Therapeutic C are treats the embodied
and encultured mind at each stage of life in a way that leverages the way the brain
evolved to heal - in security and safety. Highly recommended.' - Louis C ozolino Ph.D.,
Professor of Psychology, Author of The Neuroscience of Human Relationships
'The Handbook of Therapeutic Care is a wonderfully practical and readable guide for all
of us dedicated to creating pathways to health for children exposed to chronic trauma
and abuse - children who are stuck in an inner world filled with helplessness, chaos and
danger. Despite the multiplicity of voices of (outstanding) contributors, this handbook
provides a unified synthesis of practices that help us understand the pressures from
the past on current behavior, and presents a comprehensive and well-tested model to
provide sensory, relational and emotional repair for children and young people who
carry the legacy of danger, abandonment, and unpredictability. This is the integration
we have been waiting for.' - Bessel A. van der Kolk MD, Medical Director, the Trauma
C enter, Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine, Author: NYT best
seller: The Body keeps the Score; mind, brain and body in the healing of trauma
Janise Mitchell is Deputy CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation, a social worker and a children's rights advocate.


Joe Tucci is CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation, a social worker, a psychologist and a children's rights advocate.


Ed Tronick is Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Artsand Director of Child Development Unit at the University of Massachusetts.