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Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder

by Colby Pearce Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 112 pages
AU$24.99 NZ$26.08
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This book presents a short and accessible introduction to what 'attachment' means and how to recognise attachment disorders in children.

The author explains how complex problems in childhood may stem from the parent-child relationship during a child's early formative years, and later from the child's engagement with the broader social world. It explores the mindset of difficult and traumatised children and the motivations behind their apparently antisocial and defensive tendencies.

A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder includes case vignettes to illustrate examples, and offers a comprehensive set of tried-and-tested practical strategies for parents, carers and practitioners in supportive roles caring for children.

A Short Introduction. Prologue: A Tale of Three Mice.; Chapter 1. Understanding Attachment. What is Attachment? What are the origins of attachment? What is the Role of Attachment? How does Attachment Develop? What does Attachment look like? What Different Types of Attachment Exist? How does Caregiving Impact on Attachment? Accessibility and Responsiveness. Affective Attunement. Chapter Summary. Matthew's Story.; Chapter 2. Understanding Attachment Disorder. What is Attachment Disorder? What are Attachment Representations? What is the Contribution of Arousal and Overarousal? What is the Significance of Parental Accessibility? How do I Know if a Child has an Attachment Disorder? What does Attachment Disorder look like? Chapter Summary. Matthew's Story Continued.; Chapter 3. Parenting the Attachment Disordered Child. The Importance of Promoting Strong and Secure Attachment Relationships. First Principles. Addressing Accessibility Concerns. Changing Attachment Representations. Managing Arousal. Putting It All Together. Additional Considerations. Chapter Summary. Matthew's Story Continued.; Chapter 4. Treating the Attachment Disordered Child - What to Expect. What constitutes effective treatment? A strengths perspective. Caregiver participation. Some secrets of how attachment disordered children are engaged in psychotherapy.; Chapter Summary. Matthew's Story Continued. Postscript: Eyes are Mirrors for a Child's Soul.; Glossary of Terms.

'This excellent book is a concise description of the core characteristics of early attachment experience and how this impacts on children's expectations of themselves, of others and of the world in general. Attachment disorders are described in detail with recommendations for interventions which facilitate more hopeful development. It is relevant to those working with children in any setting, but in particular to carers of children whose early life has been affected by adversity.' - Dr Heather Geddes, Educational Psychotherapist, The Caspari Foundation, London
Colby Pearce is Principal Psychologist at Secure Start, a private psychology practice based in Adelaide. He lives in South Australia with his wife and three children.