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Qigong and Chinese Self-Massage for Everyday Health Care: Ways to Address Chronic Health Issues and to Improve Your Overall Health Based on Chinese Medicine Techniques

by Zeng Qingnan Singing Dragon
Pub Date:
Pbk 200 pages
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Discover the quick and easy Chinese exercise approach to common daily health problems in this fully-illustrated and easy-to-follow handbook. Based on millennia of effective Chinese medicine and health practice, the Qigong and self-massage techniques described take just a few minutes a day, and can resolve on-going issues such as knee pain, hemorrhoids, insomnia, sciatica and lower back pain. More immediate problems such as a stiff neck or a headache can be addressed straight away, and there is even a remedy for grey hair. The last part of the book introduces simple and quick exercises, based on Chinese medicine, which can be used to promote overall health and wellbeing. Learn how to strengthen and protect your teeth, how to get a better night's sleep, and how to refresh and tonify your brain. All of the exercises are clearly explained with easy-to-follow written instructions and illustrations, and they all take less than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. No drugs or equipment is involved in any of the exercises - all you need is your own body.

This practical book will be invaluable to anyone who is seeking respite from particular chronic health problems, or who simply wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Preface by Professor Xie Zhufan. Part 1. Methods of Curing Diseases. Treatment of White Hair. Treatment of Myopia with Still Qigong. A Therapeutic Exercise for Stiff Neck. Prevention and Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis by Writing a Chinese Character. Exercise for Periarthritis of the Shoulder. Patting as Treatment for Shoulder Pain and Backache. Abdomen-Kneading - A Remedy for Gastrointestinal Diseases. Treatment of Lower Back Pain - ''Back Moving''. Treatment of Sciatica - Lying, Sitting and Standing. Anus- Lifting Exercise - A Method for Preventing and treating Hemorrhoids. Waist-Rubbing Exercise. ''Waist-Turning'' Exercise - A Remedy for Constipation. An Effective Treatment for Enuresis. Treatment of Pain in the Knee Joint by Physical Exercise. Self-Massage for Insomnia. Massage Treatment for Meniere's Syndrome. Rubbing the Arch of the Foot and Massaging the Head and Neck to Lower Blood Pressure. Digital Acupoint Pressure for Treating Common Ailments in the Aged. Treatment of Headache, Syncope, Lumbago, Angina Pectoris and Nocturnal Emission by Digital Acupoint Pressure. Prevention and Treatment of Systremma (Cramp in the Leg). Qigong Therapy for Nocturnal Emission, Hemorrhoids and Incontinence of Urine. Part 2. Methods of Keeping Fit. Patting All Over the Body. Ten-Minute Self-Massage Before Sleep. Ten-Minute Qigong Practice. ''Rocking on the Wave'' - A Kind of Self Massage. Health Exercise for the Prevention of Colds. Protection of Health by ''Hair-Combing''. Laozi's Brain-Tonifying Exercise. Protection of Teeth. Digital Exercise. ''Hungry Tiger Stretches Itself'' - A Simple Health-Improving Exercise.

Zeng Qingnan is a well-known health professional based in China who has many years' experience of teaching Qigong and Chinese massage for maintaining good health.