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Hidden Qualities of Water

by Wolfram Schwenk Floris Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 144 pages
AU$42.99 NZ$43.47
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Water is essential for life. It’s also vital that we know about the quality of our water and how it is affected by its environment.

Theodor Schwenk, the acclaimed author of Sensitive Chaos, developed the Drop Picture Method to analyse the quality of water. This collection of articles from the Institute of Flow Sciences that he founded provides detailed information on how the method works, how impartiality is assured and research into different parameters affecting the images.

The book includes a study of a section of polluted river which shows self-purifying properties, and an evaluation of the issues surrounding our drinking water.

Table of Contents
1. What is Living Water? Theodor Schwenk
2. The Nature of Water Theodor Schwenk
3. Water, the Universal Element of Life Wolfram Schwenk
4. The Forms of Drop-Generated Images Michael Jacobi
5. The Value of the Drop Picture Method Andreas Wilkens, Michael Jacobi, Wolfram Schwenk
6. Flow Movements During Drop Picture Testing Andreas Wilkens
7. Evaluation of Drop Generated Images Christine Picariello
8. Forming Processes as an Aspect of Water Quality Wolfram Schwenk
9. Aspects of Drinking Water Quality Wolfram Schwenk
10. Study of a Section of a Self-Purifying River Wolfram Schwenk, C Sutter-Picariello
11. The Role of Substances in Formative Processes Wolfram Schwenk
12. Summary Wolfram Schwenk

'Contains many illustrations of photographs , and indeed shows that the most beautiful, symmetrical and complex images comes from mountain spring water. It appears that well-run tap water is better than bottled, particularly in plastic -- restauranteurs please note!'-- Keith Denerley, Christian Parapsychologist, March 2008'This new book updates the research being carried out at the Institute of Flow Sciences. Readers new to this kind of work will find their understanding of water reframed and will realise that we need new scientific approaches to understand the real nature of water and the distinction between living and dead water The authors go so far as to suggest that in order to solve the water problems facing us, we need to rediscover the cosmic aspect of water and renew our understanding of the nature of life. New perceptions will lead invariably to new patterns of behaviour. This is an important book for anyone interested in the more subtle aspects of water.'-- David Lorimer, The Scientific and Medical Network Review
Wolfram Schwenk is the son of Theodor Schwenk, and is a scientist at the Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany.