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Quick Draw Anatomy for Anaesthetists

by Joanna Oram Fox Scion Publishing
Pub Date:
Pbk 106 pages
AU$49.99 NZ$50.43
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& Academics:
This book provides you with simple instructions on how to draw and interpret the crucial anatomy you need for your anaesthetic training.  


Covers all the relevant anatomy in:


  • Head, neck and neuro - from Circle of Willis to cervical plexus;

  • Vertebral column - from the spinal cord to the sacrum;

  • Cardiac - coronary arteries and venous drainage of the heart;

  • Airway and respiratory - from airway sensation to the diaphragm;

  • Abdomen - from the abdominal aorta to the nephron, via a TAP block;

  • Limbs - from blood vessels in the arms to the ankle, via the femoral canal.


For the majority of sections, in addition to a simple drawing and detailed explanation, there are also step-by-step illustrations to show you how to draw the anatomy yourself – taking some of the stress out of potential viva questions!

Section 1 Head, neck and neuro-anatomy

1.1 Circle of Willis

Venous drainage of the brain

Venous drainage in the neck

Base of the skull

Trigeminal nerve

Motor and sensory innervation of the face

Vagus nerve

Cervical plexus

The eye and eye socket bones

Section 2 Vertebral column

2.1 Spinal cord

2.2 Epidural space

2.3 Paravertebral space

2.4 Vertebrae

2.5 The sacrum and sacral anatomy

Section 3 Cardiac

3.1 Coronary arteries

3.2 Venous drainage of the heart

Section 4 Airway and respiratory

4.1 Airway sensation

4.2 The larynx

4.3 The bronchial tree

4.4 Thoracic inlet

4.5 The first rib

4.6 The intercostal nerve

4.6 The intercostal nerves

4.7 The mediastinum

4.8 The diaphragm

Section 5 Abdomen

5.1 Abdominal aorta

5.2 Coeliac plexus

5.3 TAP block

5.4 The spleen

5.5 The liver

5.6 The nephron

Section 6 Limb
– upper

6.1 Blood vessels in the arms

6.2 Brachial plexus

6.3 The axilla

6.4 Cubital fossa

6.5 The wrist

Section 7 Limb
– lower

7.1 Blood vessels in the legs

7.2 Lumbosacral plexus

7.3 Femoral canal

7.4 Popliteal fossa

7.5 The ankle