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Motivate to Communicate!: 300 Games and Activities for Your Child with Autism

by Simone Griffin and Dianne Sandler Jessica Kingsley US Titles
Pub Date:
Pbk 208 pages
AU$35.99 NZ$37.38
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This practical resource is brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The clear, user-friendly format enables quick access to over 300 practical, fun-filled games and activities for developing your child's communication skills.

The book suggests creative ways to use everyday toys and objects. For example, if your child likes to pop bubbles, perhaps he would also enjoy counting bubbles, catching bubbles on a wand, stomping them with his feet or even playing bubble volleyball! The innovative ideas in this book have been developed over 40 years of clinical and educational experience, and are designed to be fun for both the adult and the child. All resources mentioned in this book are readily available and can be used to advance communication skills at all levels, from reaching out for an item, to extending verbal communication.

Motivate to Communicate! is perfect for supporting parents, care-givers and professionals in motivating and developing the communication skills of children on the autism spectrum.

Introduction. Acknowledgements.; Part 1: Motivating & Communicating with Your Child with Autism. What is Autism? Where do I Begin? The Importance of Motivation. Your Child's Sensory Preferences. Creating Communication Opportunities. Where do I Search?; Part 2: Motivate Me with Food.; Part 3: Motivate Me with Party Toys. Wind up Toys. Magnetic Toys. Spinning Toys. Vibrating Toys. Light up Toys. Toast. Big/Little. Shapes. Utensils. Messy Play. Games. Cooking Ideas. Bubbles. Balloons. Slinkies. Lots of Balls. Cars. Stretchy & Squishy Toys.; Part 4: Motivate Me with Social Games. Musical Toys. Movement Games. Hide n Seek. Fun with Material. Party Games. I Spy... Changing sets Song. Singing. Tickles.; Part 5: Motivate Me with Outside Games. Garden Games. Water Play/Swimming. Hide n Seek. Play Ground Toys and Equipment. Sand and Snow Play.; Part 6: Motivate Me at Home & School. Pound Ball & Marble/Car Runs. Mr. Potato Head. Books. Puzzles and Shape Sorters. Shopping. Drawing & Writing. Computer. Glossary.; Appendix I: Record Sheets.; Appendix 2: Resources. Bibliography. Index.

Motivate to Communicate reaches out to parents hungry for guidance and support. It offers hope and new possibilities for new and creative ways to interact with children who have communication difficulties. Children will be drawn to the fun and joy the activities provide...This book should grace the library of anyone - parent, teacher, therapist, caregiver, or loved one - who cares about a child with communication challenges.
Simone Griffin is a speech and language therapist, and has worked with children with autism for the past ten years in Australia, UK and Canada.

Dianne Sandler is currently working as a specialist teacher in the UK. She has worked with children of all ages with autism and people with complex needs for the past 30 years. Dianne has also designed a number of toys which are commercially available for children with special needs.