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Islam 2ed

by Fazlur Rahman University of Chicago Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 278 pages
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Fazlur Rahman's Islam is aptly titled, in that this slim volume constitutes an incisive and surprisingly comprehensive history and analysis of Islam--its history, its conflicts, its legacy--and its prospects. From Mohammed to the late twentieth century, Rahman traces the development of Islam as a religion and, more importantly, as an intellectual tradition, offering both an easily understood introduction to the faith and an impassioned argument for its future direction.''In this informative and interpretive survey of major dimensions and developments in Islam, [Rahman] . . . offers an advanced introduction to the world's second largest religious tradition. . . . Containing a wealth of important factual information and provocative interpretive insights, Rahman's Islam can be neglected only to the detriment of those who would understand this increasingly important religious tradition.''--James E. Royster, The Muslim World''Serious 'scientific' Islamic studies have been left to Western orientalists and their pupils, who have made great contributions but have analysed Islam 'merely as a historical datum, as a dead body, so to say.' It is unlikely that many of Dr. Rahman's readers will be left thinking of Islam, the religion, as dead.''--Times Literary Supplement

ForewordPrefaceIntroduction1 MUHAMMADMuhammad and the Revelation - Muhammad's Struggle - Muhammad's Strategy - Jews and Christians - Conclusion2 THE QUR'ANWhat is the Qur'an? - The Qur'anic Teaching - The Qur'anicLegislation - Commentaries on the Qur'an3 ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE TRADITIONPreliminary - The State of Western Scholarship - The Nature of the Prophet's Authority - Hadith and Sunna, or the Verbal and Practical Tradition - Classical Opposition to the Health - Development of the'Science of the Hadith'4 THE STRUCTURE OF THE LAWPreliminary - Early Developments: Qur'an and Sunna; Qiyas; Ijmaor Consensus - Al-Shafi'i and After - The Law and the State - For-mation of the Legal Schools - Conclusion5 DIALECTICAL THEOLOGY AND THE DEVELOPMENTOF DOGMAThe Early Phase - The Mu'tazila - Ash'arism and Maturidism - Philosophy and Kalam6 THE SHARI'A Preliminary - Development of the Concept of Shari'a - The Tradi-tionalist Reform: Ibn Taymiya - The Shari'a and the Law7 THE PHILOSOPHICAL MOVEMENTThe Philosophical Tradition -Orthodoxy and Philosophy - Philo-sophic Religion8 SUFI DOCTRINE AND PRACTICERise and Early Development of Sufism - Beginnings of InstitutionalSufism - The Sufi Way - The Emergence of Orthodox Sufism - The Sufi Theosophy9 SUFI ORGANIZATIONSSufism and Popular Religion - The Sufi Orders - Sequel10 SECTARIAN DEVELOPMENTSThe Khawarij - The Shi'a - Sub-sects of the Shi'a11 EDUCATIONThe Schools - The Character of Medieval Islamic Learning - Curri-culum and Instruction12 PRE-MODERNIST REFORM MOVEMENTSTensions within Pre-Modernist Islam - The Wahhabis - The IndianReform Movements - The African Reform Movements13 MODERN DEVELOPMENTSPreliminary - Intellectual Modernism - Political Modernism - Modernism and Society14 LEGACY AND PROSPECTSFaith and History - The Legacy to be Reformulated: The PoliticalDogma; The Moral Principles; The Spiritual Ideals - The Presentand the FutureEpilogueNotes to the ChaptersBibliographyIndex

Fazlur Rahman (1919-1988) was the Harold H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Islamic Thought at the University of Chicago. His many books include Islam and Modernity: Transformation of an Intellectual Tradition and Prophecy in Islam: Philosophy and Orthodoxy, both published by the University of Chicago Press.