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War Against Cash: The plot to empty your wallet and own your financial future – and why you must fight it

by Ross Clark Harriman House
Pub Date:
Pbk 182 pages
AU$33.99 NZ$34.77
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We are constantly being told that we are on the cusp of a cashless society. The financial services industry would certainly like to see it that way. We are being enticed with contactless cards, mobile phone payment apps, and methods of bank transfer: all, apparently, for our convenience.


But as Ross Clark argues in this compelling new book, it is not in our interests to surrender the right to use cash. Commercial interests want us to pay electronically in order to collect valuable data on our spending habits, while governments would love us to move to cashless payments in order to control the economy in ways which suit it, not us.


If we choose to pay electronically, that is one thing, but we will regret it if we do not defend the right to pay with cash.


About the Author

1. My Little Car Park Problem

2. When Cash Stops Flowing

3. A Matter of Choice

4. The Cashless Nightmare

5. Crime

6. The Big Guys

7. Who Would Trust a Bank?

8. Tax Evasion

9. Dependency

10. The Negative Interest Rate Trap

11. Snooping On Our Shopping Habits

12. Finding Guinea Pigs in the Developing World

13. Cashless and Unfree

14. What Would a Cashless Society Really Look Like?











On How to Label a Goat

“…a writer with an angry swarm of bees in his bonnet, leaves no stone unturned in his mission to expose how far we have sunk into a Kafkaesque world of intrusive and often pointless nannying. But he does it with such a light touch that the barrage of bonkers bureaucracy never palls.” Tom Stevenson,

Daily Telegraph

"This is an excellent little book and I urge every reader to buy one for yourself and one for your MP.” Economic Affairs, June 2007

On A Broom Cupboard of One’s Own

"One of the best political pamphlets I have read recently” Nick Cohen, The Spectator
Ross Clark is a journalist who writes extensively for the Spectator, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and for many other publications. For many years he wrote the Thunderer column on the Times.

Ross is also the bestselling author of How to Label a Goat: The silly rules and regulations that are strangling Britain, The Road to Southend Pier: One man's struggle against the surveillance society, A Broom Cupboard of One's Own: The housing crisis and how to solve it, and The Great Before, a satire on the anti-globalisation movement.