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Social Science Jargon Buster: The Key Terms You Need to Know

by Zina O'Leary SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Pbk 344 pages
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- Are you confused by academic jargon?
- Do you know your `discourse' from your `dialectic'?
- Can you tell the difference between `anomie' and `alienation'?

The Social Science Jargon Buster tackles the most confusing concepts in the social sciences, breaking each down and bringing impressive clarity and insight to even the most complex terms.

This practical, down-to-earth dictionary will help students new to social science discourse gain a thorough understanding of the key terms. Each entry includes a concise core definition, a more detailed explanation and an introduction to the associated debates and controversies. In addition, students will find a useful outline of the practical application of each term, as well as a list of key figures and recommendations for futher reading.

This dictionary brings a refreshing clarity to social science discourse, making it essential reading for all students on undergraduate social science courses.

`This book successfully addresses the central task for any teacher of social theory - how to make the material accessible without making it simplistic and banal. The overall effect is a most effective text that hard-pressed students and lecturers will grab with both hands' - Dave Harris, Senior Lecturer in Social Science

Preface Action Research Aesthetics Agency Alienation Anomie A posteriori / A priori Authority Behaviourism The Body Bureaucracy Capital Capitalism Causation Chaos theory Class Cognitive dissonance Collective Colonization Commodification Communism Community Conflict theory Conservatism Critical / Radical Cultural Studies Culture Deconstruction Deductive/ Inductive reasoning Democracy Determinism Developed / Developing Countries Deviant behaviour Dialectic Dichotomy Discourse Egalitarianism Empiricism Epistemology Essentialism Ethics Ethnocentricism Ethnography Ethnomethodology Existentialism Fascism Feminism Functionalism Fundamentalism Game theory Geneology Globalization Governance Grounded theory Hegemony Hermeneutics Historical Materialism Historicism Human/social ecology Humanism Hybridity Hypothesis/ hypothetico-deductive method Id/ ego/ superego Idealism Identity Ideology Imperialism Individualism Industrialisation Instrumentalism Justice Knowledge Labelling theory Labour Leadership Liberalism Marginalization Marxism Materialism McDonaldization Metanarrative Methods Methodology Micro/Macroeconmics Modernism/Postmodernism Modernity Multiculturalism Nationalism Nominalism Norms Ontology Other Paradigm Patriarchy Pedagogy/Critical Pedagogy Personality Phenomenology Pluralism Positivism Postmodernity Post Industrial Post Positivism Power Pragmatism Praxis Prejudice/Discrimination Protestant ethic Qualitative/Quantitative Rationalism Realism Reductionism Reflexivity Reification Relativism Research Credibility (positivist) Research Credibility (post-positivist) Revolution Risk Society Role Scientific method Secularisation Self Semiotics Sexuality Social Change Social Constructionism Social Control Social Darwinism Social Mobility Social Movements Social Science Research Social Stratification Socialism Socialization Society Sociobiology Socioeconomic status Sociolinguistics Solidarity (The) State Structuralism/ Post-structuralism Subject Subjectivism Symbolic Interactionism Systems theory Technology Teleology Theory/ Social Theory Totalitarianism Urbanization Utilitarianism BIBLIOGRAPHY/ READING LIST

`This book successfully addresses the central task for any teacher of social theory - how to make the material accessible without making it simplistic and banal' - Dave Harris, Senior Lecturer in Social Science
University of Western Sydney