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Using Basic Statistics in the Behavioral and Social Sciences 5ed

by Annabel Ness Evans SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Pbk 624 pages
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In the Fifth Edition of Using Basic Statistics in the Social Sciences, Annabel Ness Evans presents introductory statistics in a practical, conceptual, and humorous way, reducing the anxiety that many students experience in introductory courses. Focus on Research boxes engage students with realistic applications of statistics, and end-of-chapter exercises ensure student comprehension. This thoroughly edited and engaging edition includes a greater number of realistic, global examples within the social and behavioral sciences, making it ideal for use within many departments or in interdisciplinary settings.

New to this Edition
•Focus on Research examples have been updated with current research and tied more specifically to the chapter concepts.
•Excel output examples have been included, when appropriate, for various procedures.
•An Instructor’s Resource Manual, including chapter outlines and exercises with solutions are now available.
•A new Test Item File supplement includes multiple choice, short answer, true-false, and discussion questions.
•PowerPoint slides are also available for instructor support.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Statistical Concepts
Chapter 2. Organizing and Presenting Data
Chapter 3. Describing the Central Tendency of Distributions
Chapter 4. Describing the Variability of Distributions
Chapter 5. Describing the Position of Scores in Distributions
Chapter 6. Introduction to Inference: The Normal Curve
Chapter 7. Introduction to Inference: Probability
Chapter 8. Introduction to Inference: The Random Sampling Distribution
Chapter 9. Inference with the Normal Curve
Chapter 10. Inference with the t Distribution
Chapter 11. Inference with the F Distribution
Chapter 12. Analysis of Variance with Repeated Measures
Chapter 13. Multiple Comparison Procedures
Chapter 14. Inference with the Chi-Square Distribution
Chapter 15. Additional Non-Parametric Techniques
Chapter 16. Correlational Techniques
Chapter 17. Predictive Techniques
Chapter 18. Choosing the Appropriate Test of Significance

“I like that the review question answers are provided in detail on a different page than the question. In the inferential section, the summary box is very helpful. Similarly, the outline of steps in inferential chapters [is] very clear and helpful. Realistic practice examples with the steps articulated. I like the outline type of recap after each chapter and the alerts—they address many of the questions I have heard in class...”
Annabel N. Evans received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Alberta in 1979. She is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Concordia University College of Alberta, where she has taught since 1975. She teaches Statistics, as well as directing Field Placement courses for senior students.AWith Lyle Grant, she published Principles of Behavior Analysis (HarperCollins 1994). She believes that a large part of her job is to provide an instructional environment that supports undergraduate students in their endeavor to acquire the skills and information they need to be successful as students and as citizens. She does outside consulting work of various kinds, including graphic design, statistical analysis, and content editing for private and government agencies.