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Myths of Social Media: Dismiss the Misconceptions and Use Social Media Effectively in Business

by Michelle Carvill and Ian MacRae Kogan Page
Pub Date:
Pbk 240 pages
AU$37.99 NZ$39.12
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Everyone knows that social media is free, millennials are all adept social media experts, that businesses always have to be available 24/7 and ultimately none of it really matters, as the digital space is full of fake news and online messaging is seen as inauthentic. Don't they?  


The use of social media as a business tool is dominated by falsehoods, fictions and fabrications. In Myths of Social Media, digital consultant Michelle Carvill and workplace psychologist Ian MacRae dismiss many of the most keenly-held misconceptions and instead, present the reality of social media best practice. Using helpful and instructive, sometimes entertaining and occasionally eye-watering examples of what you should and should not do, Myths of Social Media debunks the most commonly held myths and shows you how to use social media effectively for work and at work.

    • Chapter - 01: Social media is free;
    • Chapter - 02: Social media is a waste of time;
    • Chapter - 03: Social media is the best use of my time;
    • Chapter - 04: Social media is a fad;
    • Chapter - 05: Social media is for posting photos of your breakfast;
    • Chapter - 06: Social media replaces real-life networking;
    • Chapter - 07: Social media is the best source of information;
    • Chapter - 08: Social media is full of fake news;
    • Chapter - 09: Social media creates information "bubbles";
    • Chapter - 10: Social media means my business has to be available 24/7;
    • Chapter - 11: People's personal information on social media should not be used by businesses;
    • Chapter - 12: Businesses should ignore negative comments on social media;
    • Chapter - 13: Social media use detracts from business relationships;
    • Chapter - 14: All my customers/clients are on social media;
    • Chapter - 15: I've had a few glasses of wine and, people on Twitter will really appreciate my sense of humour right now;
    • Chapter - 16: Millennials are all social media experts;
    • Chapter - 17: Digital natives understand how to use social media for business;
    • Chapter - 18: Social media cannot be done in-house;
    • Chapter - 19: Social media is just for connecting with people outside the company;
    • Chapter - 20: Businesses should be on every social media platform;
    • Chapter - 21: Social media is purely for broadcasting my business's information;
    • Chapter - 22: Social media can replace the traditional business website;
    • Chapter - 23: It's not possible to measure ROI on social media;
    • Chapter - 24: Sharing too much on social media will reveal trade secrets;
    • Chapter - 25: Sharing more content is always better

Michelle Carvill is Founder of Carvill Creative - a social media marketing agency whose clients include the BBC, Nuffield Health and Norbord. Passionate about the digital future she advises clients on online marketing communication and social media strategies, and leads a team delivering practical social media planning and daily management. She is the author of Get Social, published by Kogan Page.Ian MacRae is a work psychologist, consultant, speaker, author and Managing Director of High Potential Psychology. He works with, and writes about, a wide range of topics relating to psychology and the workplace. He developed the High Potential Traits Inventory (HPTI), a personality assessment which has been translated into dozens of languages and used by over 50,000 people around the world. Myths of Social Media is his fifth book, he is co-author of Motivation and Performance and Myths of Work, also part of the Business Myths series.