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Sexual Health (APA # 4310586)

by Lisa Firestone American Psychological Association
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The APA Psychotherapy Video Series III presents distinguished psychotherapists demonstrating specific treatments for specific health problems. Hosted by Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, each practical, informative, and entertaining video provides you with over 100 minutes of insight into the use of these treatments, including A provocative discussion between the host, Dr. Jon Carlson, and a leading expert in the featured therapy about major theories in behavioral health. An actual therapy session with a real client and the featured therapist demonstrating how to apply behavioral health principles. A lively question-and-answer exchange between Dr. Carlson and the featured therapist reviewing the session and explaining how the theories were put into practice in the actual session. Lisa Firestone, PhD, is program and education director of the Glendon Association and adjunct faculty at the University of California (Santa Barbara) Graduate School of Education. She received her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. Dr. Firestone is also a clinical psychologist in private practice and provides consultation to agencies and therapists regarding the treatment of their high-risk clients. She is a nationally recognized researcher, trainer, and lecturer in the areas of suicide prevention, violence prevention, and couples relations The theoretical approach developed by Robert W. Firestone represents a broadly based, coherent system of concepts and hypotheses that integrate psychoanalytic and existential systems of thought. The theory explains how early interpersonal pain leads to defense formation and how these original defenses are reinforced as the developing child gradually becomes aware of his or her mortality. This approach is referred to as separation theory because it focuses on breaking with negative parental introjects and moving toward individuation. Separation as conceptualized here is different from isolation, defense, or retreat: it involves the maintenance of a strong identity and distinct boundaries at close quarters with others. Indeed, without a well-developed self system or personal identity, people often distort, lash out at, or withdraw from intimacy in interpersonal relationships. The therapeutic approach emphasizes the exposure of destructive fantasy bonds (i.e., imagined connections) as externalized in interpersonal associations or internalized in the form of object representation (i.e., parental introjects). Dissolution of these bonds and movement toward separation and individuation are essential for the realization of one's destiny as a fully autonomous human being.