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Congruence: Rogers' Therapeutic Conditions Series Vol 1

by Gill Wyatt PCCS Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 252 pages
AU$59.99 NZ$63.47
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Genuineness, transparency, authenticity and realness are all terms used to convey Rogers’ concept of congruence. This book is the first to specifically focus on, and collect critical explorations of, this under under-studied therapeutic condition. Drawing on the work of an international collection of leading writers, serious students of person-centred theory now have writing representing the most vibrant contemporary thinking on congruence thoughtfully drawn together in one volume.

Historical Perspectives Sheila Haugh A Historical Review of the Development of the Concept of Congruence in Person-Centred Therapy Soti Grafanaki What Counselling Research has Taught us About the Concept of Congruence: Main Discoveries and Unresolved Issues Theory and Practice Germain Lietaer Being Genuine as a Therapist: Congruence and transparency Barbara Temaner Brodley Congruence and its Relation to Communication in Client-centered Therapy Gill Wyatt The Multifaceted Nature of Congruence within the Therapeutic Relationship Ivan Ellingham Carl Rogers' Congruence as an Organismic, Not a Freudian, Concept Sheila Haugh The Difficulties in the Conceptualisation of Congruence: A Way forward with Complexity Theory? Leslie S. Greenberg and Shari M. Geller Congruence and Therapeutic Presence Mia Leijssen Authenticity Training: An exercise for therapists The Wider Context and Links to the Other Conditions Per-Anders Tengland A Conceptual Discussion of Incongruence and Mental Health Tony Merry Congruence and the Supervision of Client-Centred Therapists Jerold D. Bozarth Congruence: A special way of being Julius Seeman On Congruence: A human system paradigm Peter F. Schmid Authenticity: The person as his or her own author. Dialogical and ethical perspectives on therapy as an encounter relationship. And beyond Gill Wyatt A Synthesis and Implications

Gill Wyatt is a person-centred psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant. She has lectured on undergradute and postgraduate person-centred courses.