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Unconditional Positive Regard: Rogers' Therapeutic Conditions Series Vol 3

by Jerold Bozarth & Paul Wilkins PCCS Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 251 pages
AU$59.99 NZ$63.47
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Another distinguished international collection of theorists and practitioners lead the serious student to a cutting-edge appreciation of Unconditional Positive Regard. Once dubbed a 'controversial' condition by Germain Lietaer, and seen by Jerold Bozarth as the 'curative factor' in client-centred therapy, UPR has never before had so much attention focused on it. Readers from all disciplines can discover how contemporary person-centred therapists are thinking about, and working with, this 'core' condition.

Historial Perspectives. Unconditional Positive Regard - Deep Openess by Armin Klein. Unconditional Positive Regard by Gerald Bauman. Client-centred Unconditional Positive Regard: A historical perspective by Jerold D. Bozarth. Stanley W Standal and the Need for Positive Regard by Kathryn Moon, Bert Rice and Carolyn Schneider. Theory and Practice. Unconditional Positive Regard Reconsidered by Paul Wilkins. Acknowledgement: The art of responding by Peter F Schmid. Unconditional Positive Regard: A misunderstood way of being by Ruth Stanford. Undonctional Positive Regard and Pre-Therapy: An exploration by Garry Prouty. Unconditional Acceptance and Positive Regard by Germain Lietaer. Unconditional Positive Regard: Constituent activites by James Iberg. An experiential version of Unconditional Positive Regard by Marion Hendricks. Unconditional Positive Regard: The distinctive feature of Client-centered Therapy by Barbara Temaner Brodley and Carolyn Schneider. A reconceptualization of the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Therapeutic Personality Change by Jerold D Bozarth.The Wider Context and Links to the Other Conditions. Potentiating Growth: An examination of the research on unconditional positive regard by Jeanne C Watson and Patricia Steckley. Acceptance and the Truth of the Present Moment as a Trustworthy Foundation for Unconditional Positive Regard by Judy Moore. An Interpretation of Unconditional Positive Regard from the Standpoint of Buddhist-based Psychology by Toro Kuno. Unconditional Positive Regard: Towards unravelling the puzzle by Jerold D Bozarth and Paul Wilkins.

Rogers' Therapeutic Conditions Series Vol 3