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Radiohead: Music for a Global Future

by Phil Rose Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Hbk 304 pages
AU$64.99 NZ$65.21
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Since Radiohead’s formation in the mid-1980s, the band has celebrated three decades of creative collaboration and achieved critical acclaim across music genres as cultural icons. Recognized not only for their musical talent and daring experimentation, Radiohead is also known for its work’s engagement with cultural and political issues. Phil Rose dissects Radiohead’s entire catalog to reveal how the music directs our attention toward themes like cyber technology, the environment, terrorism, and the inevitability of the apocalypse.


With each new album, Radiohead has sought to reinvent its sound and position in the music industry. Abandoning traditional distribution for their 2007 In Rainbows album, Radiohead experimented with a pay-what-you-want model that embraced the crowd-sourced commerce that has continued to gain prominence in modern consumer culture. In addition to chronicling the band members’ various solo projects, Rose outlines Radiohead’s political and civic activism. As the most up-to-date and thorough discussion of this landmark body of musical multimedia, Radiohead: Music for a Global Future recounts the band’s triumphs and tragedies along with their role at the forefront of adaptation both to a changing music industry and a rapidly changing world.

Chapter 1 - Becoming Radiohead (1985-1993)


Chapter 2 - Towards Technological Apocalypse (1994-1995)


Chapter 3 - A Sergeant Pepper for the 'Net' Generation (1996-1998)


Chapter 4 - OK Computer (1996-1998)


Chapter 5 - Media Fallout (1998-1999)


Chapter 6 - Kosovo and the First Human Clone (2000-2001)


Chapter 7 - Creeping Totalitarianism (2002-2003)


Chapter 8 - Goodbye EMI, Hello Pay What You Want (2004-2008)


Chapter 9 - Post-Apocalypse? (2009-2012)


Chapter 10 - Forging Forward (2013-2016)


Chapter 11 - Looking Backwards (2017-2018)

An all-encompassing book for Radiohead fans as well as for anyone who is interested in popular music and wants to know what all the fuss is about. Rose elegantly and eloquently illuminates what Radiohead's music, and Thom Yorke's lyrics, offer to us as (in the words of Kenneth Burke) a counter-statement against the life of these times in which we live.
Phil Rose has taught at a number of Canadian universities and is the Immediate Past President of the Media Ecology Association. He has published in many academic journals on a variety of topics, and among his books are Roger Waters and Pink Floyd: The Concept Albums (2015), Radiohead and the Global Movement for Change: Pragmatism Not Idealism (2016), and Confronting Technopoly: Charting a Course Towards Human Survival (2017).