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Sexual Deviance: Issues and Controversies

by Tony Ward SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Hbk 400 pages
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Sexual Deviance: Issues and Controversies addresses the biological, developmental, cultural, and learning factors in the genesis of sexual deviancy and links those theories to interventions with sex offenders. Edited by renowned sexual behavior experts Tony Ward, D. Richard Laws, and Stephen M. Hudson, this exceptional volume is divided into two sections. The first section covers explanations for sexual deviance, including ethical issues and classification systems for sexually deviant disorders. The second section addresses responses to sexual deviance, including traditional and modern intervention approaches.

Part I: Explanations of Sexual Deviance
1. Explaining Child Sexual Abuse: Integration and Elaboration - Tony Ward and Laura Sorbello
2. Good Lives and the Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders - Tony Ward and Claire A. Stewart
3. Back to the Future? Evolutionary Explanations of Rape - Richard Siegert and Tony Ward
4. Behavioral Economic Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Deviation - D. Richard Laws
5. Penile Plethysmography: Will We Ever Get it Right? - D. Richard Laws
6. Cultural Components of Practice: Reflexive Responses to Diversity and Difference - Marie Connolly
7. Developmental Antecedents of Sexual Offending - Thomas Keenan and Tony Ward
8. Cognitive Distortions, Schemas, and Implicit Theories - Ruth E. Mann and Anthony R. Beech
9. The Classification of Sexual Offenders - Devon L. L. Polaschek
10. Empathy and Victim Empathy - Devon L. L. Polaschek
Part II: Responses to Sexual Deviance
11. Research and Practice with Adolescent Sexual Offenders: Dilemmas and Directions - Robin Jones
12. The Promise and the Peril of Sex Offender Risk Assessment - Stephen Hart, D. Richard Laws, and P. Randall Kropp
13. Treatment Models for Sex Offenders: A Move Towards a Formulation-Based Approach - Christopher Drake and Tony Ward
14. Responsivity Factors in Sex Offender Treatment - Michael Proeve
15. Integrating Pharmacological Treatments - William Glaser
16. Harm Reduction and Sexual Offending: Is a Intraparadigmatic Shift Possible? - D. Richard Laws
17. Sexual Offending is a Public Health Problem: Are We Doing Enough? - D. Richard Laws
18. Enhancing Relapse Prevention Through the Effective Management of Sex Offenders in the Community - Astrid Birgden, Karen Owen, and Bea Raymond
19. The Risk-Need Model of Offender Rehabilitation: A Critical Analysis - Tony Ward and Mark Brown

GÇ£Ward, Laws, and Hudson make bold assertions challenging our preconceptions of assessment and treatment. However, taking a page from their own model, they develop these in a framework of promising approaches for improving assessment and treatment outcome, giving practitioners new ideas rather than simply providing what Dr. Laws refers to as "a list of Thou-Shalt-Nots". Although many readers will wish for more explicit applications to special populations (females, developmentally delayed offenders, those in denial), this book will inform the work of virtually all ATSA members. While the authors have focused an ongoing critical eye to our work, this latest volume will challenge many of us to turn the same focus towards ourselves.n++?  
Tony Ward University of Melbourne

D. Richard Laws South Island Consulting, Victoria, B.C.

Stephen M Hudson University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand