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Restorative Justice: Critical Issues

by Eugene McLaughlin et al SAGE Publications Ltd
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Pbk 238 pages
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Restorative Justice: Critical Issues brings together key international writings that trace the development of restorative justice from its diverse beginnings to current global policies and practices.The collection is constructed around the following themes:the theoretical origins of restorative justice; the key principles and substantive practices associated with restorative justice; controversial issues and debates; and future directions and possibilities. A substantial editorial introduction will provide readers with an authorative guide to the critical issues facing restorative justice at the beginning of the 21st century.

Introduction Theorizing Restorative Justice - Eugene McLaughlin et al PART ONE: FOUNDING PROPOSITIONS Crimes as Property - N Christie Moving into a New Millennium - K Harris Toward a Feminist Vision of Justice Reforming Justice - J Tauri and A Morris The Potential of Maori Processes Fundamental Concepts of Restorative Justice - H Zehr and H Mika Restorative Justice and a Better Future - J Braithwaite PART TWO: CORE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES Restorative Family Group Conferences - M Umbreit and H Zehr Differing Models and Guidelines for Practice Conferences, Circles, Boards and Mediations - G Bazemore and C T Griffiths The New Wave of Community Justice Decision Making Restorative Justice Cautioning in Aylesbury - From Degrading to Reintegrative Shaming Ceremonies? - R Young and B Gould Restorative Justice and Family Group Conferences in England - J Dignan and P Marsh Current State and Future Prospects Women Offenders and the Challenge of Restorative Justice - C Adler Young Revisioning Men's Violence against Female Partners - A Morris and L Gelsthorpe Justice or Sweet Charity? Some Explorations of Shaming and Incapacitating - M Levi Suite PART THREE: AN INCOMPLETE PROJECT? Restorative Justice and Social Justice - J Braithwaite Is Restorative Justice the Way Forward for Criminal Justice? - A Ashworth Critical Thinking about Restorative Justice - C Cuneen Restorative Justice - K Daly The Real Story Community Justice - A Crawford and T Clear Transforming Communities through Restorative Justice

"The introduction is presented in such a way that the reader is very much enticed to continue reading. This book was very worthwhile. The book's approach to concepts, application, and challenges was appropriate."
My research interests include gender and the police, violence and integrity and ethics in the criminal justice system. Iam also interested in ethnographic research methods, danger, fear and situations where privileged access leads to dilemmas for researchers. In the past I have published articles on police informers and the way they are regulated and the effect of this upon rights and justice. More recently Iave completed a book about research methods in criminology. My other recent research projects have included studying women bouncers and violence in the context of social control of the night time economy (ESRC Grant reference: RES-000-23-0384-A). This project was called Women on the Door: Female Bouncers in the New Night-time Economy carried out with Professor Dick Hobbs.