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Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets: Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Disorders 6ed

by Eric Kossoff, Zahava Turner, Sarah Doerrer, Mackenzie Cervenka and Bobbie Henry Demos Health
Pub Date:
Pbk 376 pages
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Now in its sixth edition, The Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets is the established, authoritative book on these groundbreaking epilepsy treatments. Written for parents, patients, dieticians, and neurologists, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone considering or starting a ketogenic diet for epilepsy or another neurologic disorder. Written by doctors, dieticians, and a pediatric nurse practitioner from the Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Ketogenic Diet Center, along with several other experts in the field, this book’s patient-centered content contains answers to almost any question related to the ketogenic and modified Atkins diets, for children and adults. Chapters cover implementation, recipes, fine-tuning the diets, connecting with support groups, the latest research on the effectiveness of the diets, lifestyle changes, and much more.






   Foreword I – Elaine Freeman





   Foreword II – Jim Abrahams















   SECTION I: Overview of Diet Therapy






   Epilepsy Today and the Place of the Ketogenic Diet






   What Is the Ketogenic Diet?






   How Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?






   History of the Ketogenic Diet






   Who Is a Candidate for the Ketogenic Diet?






   Can the Diet Be Used Before Medications?





   SECTION II: The Classic Ketogenic Diet






   Initiating the Ketogenic Diet: How Best to Do It?






   Calculating the Ketogenic Diet






   All Those Crazy Supplements!












   Fine-Tuning the Diet






   Going Off the Diet





   SECTION III: The Modified Atkins Diet (for Children)






   When and Why Should I Use Alternative Diets?






   The History of the Modified Atkins Diet for Epilepsy






   How Do I Use the Modified Atkins Diet?






   Ways to Fine-Tune the Modified Atkins Diet





   SECTION IV: Adults and Ketogenic Diets






   History of Using Ketogenic Diets in Adults






   The Adult Epilepsy Diet Center at Johns Hopkins






   Evidence for Effectiveness in Adults






   How to Use the MAD in Adults With Epilepsy






   Unique Issues That Adults Face With Ketogenic Diets






   Tips, Tricks, and Making It Healthy!





   SECTION V: Life on Ketogenic Diets






   Parent Support Groups and the Internet






   Side Effects of Ketogenic Diets and Handling Illnesses






   Dealing With the "Nonketo ? World






   Tips for Travel





   SECTION VI: Other Therapeutic Diets and Modifications






   The MCT Ketogenic Diet






   The Low Glycemic Index Treatment






   Formula-Only Ketogenic Diets






   The Diet for All Cultures, Religions, Food Preferences, and Allergies





   SECTION VII: Ketogenic Cooking






   Sample Meal Plans for the Ketogenic Diet






   Modified Atkins Diet Meal Plans and Recipes






   Using Diets Around the World





   SECTION VIII: Diets for Conditions Other Than Epilepsy






   Ketogenic Diets and Brain Tumors






   Diet and Dementia






   Autism and the Diet






   Diet and Migraine: Fact and Fiction





   SECTION IX: Appendices






   Medications and Vitamins






   Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Ketogenic Diet Formulas






   Sample Letter for Airplanes






   Keto-Friendly Products and Foods






   Wegmans' List of Foods






   Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter






   Physicians Providing the Ketogenic Diet Worldwide






   Routine Ketogenic Diet Lab Studies






   Selected References








Zahava Turner, Eric Kossoff, Sarah Doerrer, Mackenzie Cervenka and Bobbie Henry