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Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools: A Guide to Whole-School Strategies and Practical Support

by Pooky Knightsmith Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 224 pages
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Self-harm and eating disorders are present in almost every school and they frequently co-occur. It is vital that school staff can spot early warning signs, understand triggers, and know how to support the students in their care effectively. This is a very practical guide that helps school staff to gain a better understanding of self-harm and eating disorders, dispelling the myths and misconceptions that surround these behaviours, and explaining how to respond to disclosures, make referrals, and work alongside parents to assist in the road to recovery. The book provides a range of guidance from whole-school policies and procedures to day-to-day strategies to implement in lessons, at mealtimes and in one-on-one sessions.

Acknowledgements. Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction to Eating Disorders and Self-Harm. 2. Overcoming Stigma and Exploring Common Misconceptions. 3. Teaching Students about Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. 4. Why Students Develop Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms. 5. Factors That Put Students at Risk of Eating Disorders and Self-Harm. 6. Early Symptoms of Eating Disorders and Self-Harm. 7. Talking to students causing concern. 8. Responding to Disclosures and Self-Harm Incidents. 9. Working with parents. 10. When and How to Refer a Student for Specialized Support. 11. Supporting Students Who Require Inpatient Care. 12. Day to Day Strategies for Supporting Recovery at School. 13. The Impact of the Internet. 14. Providing One to One Support. 15. Motivational Interviewing as a Tool for Behavior Change. 16. The Road to Recovery. References.

Whilst discussing the theoretical this book's real value lies in the practical advice given. The author provides thorough and detailed coverage, from the proactive ways in which issues around self-harm and eating disorders can be embedded within a curriculum, how one might talk to students or respond to disclosures, through to supporting students during recovery. The depth included is a particular strength of the book as it is able to inform the reader, no matter what their existing knowledge level, and advise them at all stages of support, from detailed lesson plans, how to speak to students and families, and when and how to refer to specialist support agencies... Self-Harm and Eating disorders in Schools provides an excellent resource for all school staff and perhaps those beyond school, merging through and up-to-date definitions and descriptions with highly detailed, practical and accessible guidance which can inform school policy and personal practice. The book places the young person at its heart, and considers how best to support the individual and those around them. In addition it empowers the reader to understand and challenge the misconceptions and stigmas which can make issues around mental health so difficult to approach.
Pooky Knightsmith, PhD, is a specialist in child and adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing. Through her company, In Our Hands Ltd Pooky works with schools, parents and organisations to provide training on topics related to mental health awareness and support. She is also the mental health and emotional wellbeing advisor for the PSHE Association in the UK and a trustee for Beat, the eating disorder charity and the Kidstime Foundation. Pooky has personal experiences of the issues she teaches and writes about, having personally overcome eating disorders and self-harm herself. She lives in Surrey, UK.