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Babel und Bibel 6

by Leonid E Kogan, N Koslova, S Loesov and S Tishchenko Eisenbrauns
Pub Date:
Hbk 624 pages
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This is the sixth volume of Babel und Bibel, an annual of ancient Near Eastern, Old Testament, and Semitic studies. The principal goal of the annual is to reveal the inherent relationship between Assyriology, Semitics, and biblical studies—a relationship that our predecessors comprehended and fruitfully explored but that is often neglected today. The title Babel und Bibel is intended to point to the possibility of fruitful collaboration among the three disciplines, in an effort to explore the various civilizations of the ancient Near East.

The tripartite division of Babel und Bibel corresponds to its three principal spheres of interest: ancient Near Eastern, Old Testament, and Semitic studies. Contributions are further subdivided into articles, short notes, and reviews. Highlights of this volume include several studies on Akkadian language, Mesopotamian literature, and publication of inscriptions in some Russian museums (in the ancient Near Eastern section); studies on negative markers in Semitic and on Aramaic language (in the Semitics section); and some significant review essays on important new publications, especially in Hebrew language, Aramaic, Hurrian, Lycian, Egyptian, and Syriac.


Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Les véhicules terrestres dans les textes de Mari, II: Le harnachement et l’équipement de chars en cuir et en tissu I. Arkhipov

Akka von Kiš und die Arbeitsverweigerer J. Keetman

The Old Babylonian Omens in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow I. Khait

SF 50 // 52: Zwei bislang unerkannte

Duplikate aus Fāra M. Krebernik

The Suffixing Conjugation of Akkadian: In Search of Its Meaning S. Loesov

IPTANARRAS Can Render the “Basic” Present (Akkadian Sentences about the Present Time III/1) S. Loesov

Akkadian of the Me-ság

Archive E. Markina

Philological Notes on the First Tablet of the Standard Babylonian

Gilgameš Epic R. Nurullin

The Name of Gilgameš in the Light of Line 47 of the First Tablet of the Standard Babylonian Gilgameš Epic R. Nurullin

Another Attempt at Two Kassite Royal Inscriptions: The Agum-Kakrime Inscription and the Inscription of Kurigalzu the son of Kadashmanharbe T. Oshima

Sumerian: A Uralic Language II S. Parpola

Old Testament Studies

Intended Lexical Ambiguity in the Song of Songs Y. Eidelkind

Abram and Sarai in Egypt (Genesis 12:10–20) J. Joosten

Semitic Studies

Negative markers *ˀay-, *ˀi-, and *ˀal- in Ethio-Semitic M. Bulakh

A New Attempt at Reconstructing Proto-Aramaic, I S. Loesov

Ein weiteres arabisches Syntagma in der altsüdarabischen

Epigraphik P. Stein

Short Notes

Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Idanda Archive and the Syrian Campaigns of Suppiluliuma I: New Pieces for the Puzzle D. Gromova

Marginalia Sargonica. I L. Kogan and E. Markina

Accusative casus pendens: Some Further Examples L. Kogan and M. Worthington

Old Testament Studies

Exodus 33:7 and Different Syntactic Patterns for Linking Participial Conditional Clauses with the Main Clause M. Seleznev


Ancient Near Eastern Studies

G. Neumann. Glossar des Lykischen.

Überarbeitet und zum Druck gebracht von Johann Tischler A. Kassian

Recent Studies of Hurrian A. Kassian

H. Waetzoldt, H. Hauptmann (Hrsg.).

Von Sumer nach Ebla und zurück.

Festschrift für Giovanni

Pettinato L. Kogan N. Koslova

Old Testament Studies

I. Young; R. Rezetko, with the assistance of M. Ehrensvärd. Linguistic

Dating of Biblical Texts.

An Introduction to Approaches

and Problems J. Joosten

Semitic Studies

Aramaic in Its Historical and Linguistic

Setting. Ed. by H. Gzella

M. L. Folmer E. Barsky et al.

Egyptian, Semitic and General Grammar. Studies in Memory of H. J. Polotsky.

Ed. by G. Goldenberg and

A. Shisha-Halevy M. Bulakh

C. A. Ciancaglini. Iranian Loanwords

in Syriac L. Kogan and S. Loesov

Sh. Talay. Die neuaramäischen Dialekte

der Khabur-Assyrer in

Nordostsyrien: Einführung,

Phonologie und

Morphologie A. Lyavdansky

G. Takács. Etymological Dictionary

of Egyptian. III A. Militarev