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Private and State in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 58th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale at Leiden, 16–20 July 2012

by R De Boer and J G Dercksen Eisenbrauns
Pub Date:
Hbk 320 pages
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In the 5 days from July 16 through July 20, 2012, more than three hundred Assyriologists from all over the world gathered in Leiden, the Netherlands, to read more than 130 papers and to contribute to a variety of workshops. Many of the papers were read in the context of several thematic workshops, some of which were related to the main theme of the conference. This volume publishes 21 of the revised essays on the main topic of the Rencontre—Private and State in the Ancient Near East. As is usually the case, the academic sessions were accompanied by many opportunities for social interaction among the participants, and there was time to enjoy the historical and cultural benefits of Leiden.


The book is divided into two sections. In the first section are three “Opening Lectures,” by Hans Neumann on Mesopotamian society at the turn of the 3rd millennium B.C.; by Adelheid Otto on archaeological perspectives on private and state in the second millennium B.C.; and by Michael Jursa on the state and its subjects during Neo-Babylonian times. In the second section, 18 essays on various aspects of the relationship of private life and activity to the state and government in various periods are presented.







Part 1: Opening Lectures

Die Gesellschaft Mesopotamiens in der Zeit der Wende vom 3. zum 2. Jahrtausend v. Chr. zwischen Theorie und Lebenswirklichkeit

Hans Neumann

Private and State in the Second Millennium B.C. from an Archaeological Perspective

Adelheid Otto

The State and Its Subjects under the Neo-Babylonian Empire

Michael Jursa

Part 2: Papers

Mesopotamian Divinatory Inquiry: A Private or a State Matter?

Netanel Anor

Supervision over Weighing in Early Dynastic and Sargonic Mesopotamia

Vitali Bartash

Religious Private Practices from Ur III/Old Babylonian Ur

L. Battini

Nomads and the Middle Assyrian State Administration: A New Interpretation of a Letter from Tell Šēḫ Ḥamad and Some Related Matters

Yigal Bloch

How to Execute a Person in Private and Preserve One's Face in Public: (ARMT 13, 107, Gen 37:20–24, and Jer 38:6–13)

Daniel Bodi

Le lait, la viande et la gloutonnerie du roi: Rites alimentaires d'installation des achéménides à la lumière de quelques textes mésopotamiens

Daniel Bonneterre

Les Assyriens à Edeli: Vie privée et activités publiques

Fabrice De Backer

Intellectual Opposition in Mesopotamia between Private and State

Sebastian Fink

On Purity—Private and Public

Martin Lang

Šaḫḫan und luzzi

Jürgen Lorenz

Private Religious Life in Emar and the Hittite Empire

Patrick Maxime Michel

Infliger la mort: aspects publics et privés dans la documentation de Mari et les recueils de lois du IIème millénaire av. J.-C.

Virginie Muller

Writing for the Palace, Writing for the Citizens: The Organization of the Activities of Nuzi Scribes

Paola Negri Scafa

Seals with Granulation Caps in the First Half of the Second Millennium B.C.: New Data

Julie Patrier and Denis Lacambre

Data Mining Tools and GRID Infrastructure for Text Analysis in Assyriology: An Old Babylonian Case Study

Giovanni Ponti, Daniela Alderuccio, Giorgio Mencuccini, Alessio Rocchi, Silvio Migliori, Giovanni Bracco, Paola Negri Scafa

Popular Religion or Popular Participation in Public Rites?

JoAnn Scurlock

New Observations on the Locations of Some Central Anatolian Towns during the Bronze Age

Özlem S. Gavaz

Aspekte von Kultinventaren im Licht des unveröffentlichten Textes Bo 8359

Ilknur Taş