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Taiji As Moving Meditation: Fundamental Principles and Practices

by Paul G. Fendos Singing Dragon
Pub Date:
Pbk 168 pages
AU$39.99 NZ$40.86
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A clear introduction to Taiji, a slow and rhythmical martial art, this visual guide shows how it can be used as a 'moving meditation' that bestows strength, vigour and longevity.


The book focuses on helping people apply the principles of the Taiji practice by offering a short introduction to its history and philosophy, as well as a primer on its general practices as established by the International Wushu Federation. Divided into five chapters, it includes an easy-to-learn warm-up, stances, hand techniques, steps, breathing, basic moves and the four Forms that are usually learned to receive a black belt in the art.


With a growing focus on alternative ways of improving general health and well-being, Taiji as Moving Meditation is the perfect guide for those wanting to enhance focus and peace of mind.


Market: Beginners and those interested in taking up Taiji, Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists wanting to develop their own practice, the general reader curious about

martial arts, Qi Gong practitioners, students of Taiji

1. Introduction. 2. Taiji as Moving Meditation. 3. Taiji Basics. 4. Forms. 5. Summary.

'A great resource for new and experienced students of Taiji. Outlines the development of Taiji. Explains the relationship of concentration, breath and movement. Teaches Taiji movements and forms using detailed descriptions, clear photos and videos. I wish I had this book when I began studying Taiji 10 years ago.' - Julie C lose, Long-time Taiji Student


'There are many websites and online sources of information about Taiji. Most leave the reader unsatisfied and confused.


The new book by Dr. Paul Fendos is well written, provides many illustrations and instructions as to how Taiji is performed and provides video links that allow the student to put the illustrations and instructions into perspective.


I am a long time Taiji student and I find that this book, Taiji as Moving Meditation, provides strong background information about Taiji. Most importantly the book shows a student how to perform the stances and moves of Taiji and how to link those stances and moves into a variety of forms consisting of linked elements integrating breathing, arm and hand movement, core movement and leg movement.


Nothing replaces learning Taiji in a group setting, but this book has the information necessary to prepare a new student to work within a group setting and to help a student with experience to hone ones practice of Taiji.


I encourage those who wish to learn about to Taiji, and those who wish to improve their Taiji, to obtain this book.' - Royne Nelligan, Attorney and long-time Taiji student
Dr Paul G. Fendos, Jr. has over twenty years of experience teaching Chinese Studies at university and college levels. He is the Director of East Asian Martial Arts, is a certified instructor in Wushu Kungfu & Taiji, and has taught Taiji in the Minnesota State System of College and Universities for over ten years.