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Warrior Guards the Mountain: The Internal Martial Traditions of China, Japan and South East Asia

by Alex Kozma Singing Dragon
Pub Date:
Pbk 352 pages
AU$57.99 NZ$60.86
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Inspired by the author's personal training experiences, this book delves into the world of martial arts, healing and meditation. Focussing on the internal disciplines of different combat systems, the book includes in-depth conversations with esteemed Masters such as Dr Serge Augier and Master He Jing Han. The discussions encompass the arts of China, Japan and India and South East Asia, and provide invaluable insights into the life of the Master and their role as healer and spiritual practitioner of their art. With engaging commentary from the author as well as personal photographs of the Masters at work, this book presents an intimate exploration of the philosophy and wisdom of some of the rarest martial art forms.

This book will be of interest to practitioners and students of martial arts, as well as anyone interested in Eastern philosophy.

Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part 1. China. 1. Bagua, Taiji and Xingyiquan. 2. Ziranmen. 3. Dr. Serge Augier. 4. Cheong Cheng Leong. 5. He Jing Han. 6. Li Shi Fu and Lindsey Wei. 7. Lu Yaoqin and Rudy Ibarra. 8. Gordon Tso. 9. Paul Whitrod. Part 2. Japan. 10. John Evans Sensei. 11. Shihan Tanaka. Part 3. India and South East Asia. 12. Steve Benitez. 13. Laarni Benitez. 14. Simon Das. 15. Drdha Shivanath. 16. Pak Muhammad Ariffin. 17. Jerry Tan. 18. Pedro Villalobos. 19. Paul Whitrod Part Two.

''This book is very interesting. It presents the subject of Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Silat, in a very accessible way, which, even if one is not a martial artist, like myself, makes the subject very interesting, and simple. The descriptions by Alex, of his own experiences, and those of his teachers, make fascinating reading, and made me feel some regret that I had not spent a number of years of my life studying and practising the arts - It's a great read, I highly recommend it.'' - Nik Turner, singer/songwriter and founder member of groups Hawkwind, Sphynx and Inner City Unit, among many others
Alex Kozma began his training in a traditional family system of Chinese martial arts at the age of thirteen, and has spent his life to the practice and study of the martial, meditative and healing aspects of the eastern arts. After spending eight years researching the internal arts in Asia he decided to commit himself to practicing under Serge Augier, considering him to having an ability and understanding that is almost lost in present day China. He qualified as a teacher of Bagua, Xingyi and Taijiquan under Serge Augier in 1997, and is also a practitioner of traditional Japanese medicine and a private student of Master Eichi Tanaka, inheritor of the Daiwa ryu healing system of Shitennogi Temple, Osaka. He presently lives in Cambridge, UK and devotes his time to giving free treatments using traditional Oriental healing methods, and sharing his knowledge of the Daoist arts passed to him by Serge Augier.