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Life on Cripple Creek: Essays On Living with Multiple Sclerosis

by Dean Kramer Demos Health
Pub Date:
Pbk 128 pages
AU$35.99 NZ$37.38
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What is it like to pick out a pair of shoes when aesthetics are no longer the driving force behind your decision, yet you aren t ready to dress like your elderly neighbor? What is it like to board your scooter in the morning and make your way to the raspberry patch behind your house, only to stumble upon a hornets nest? The option of running is not available to you; instead you lumber away as best you can in a fit of laughter and hope you ll escape without harm. What is it like to live with mutiple sclerosis, to laugh at MS, to befriend a disease that demands so much of your life? Most of the books and other informative information currently available on MS miss the emotional mark and avoid discussion of the intrinsic land mines one encounters while coming to terms with the disease. People in the MS community are yearning for material that speaks to them, that tells them the truth about things, and that helps them to alternately cry and laugh out loud. MS is their reality and, often, they aren t given the proper tools to befriend it. Life on Cripple Creek is that book.

Summer The Stress Paradox The Pitfalls of Good Health or, Now That You're in Remission, Dear, Please Mow the Lawn Never Forget to Remember Push Comes to Shove First Interlude: Contemplation Who Do I think I Am? Out of My Mind Chicken Little and The Terminator Who's the Dummy? The Dreamer Fall Everyday Heroes The Jacket The Turkey After the Fall Second Interlude: Motion She Flies Through the Air Into the Closet If the Shoe Fits Cleanliness is Next to Impossible You Wear What You Eat Winter Demolition Shopping Making a List and Checking It Twice On Turning Fifty Observations on Dating Third Interlude: Community Turn About Doctor, Doctor The Uncertainty Principle The Coach's Nose Walk This Way Spring Shifting Gears on Shifting Sands Acme Bowling Balls The Abyss The Red Pony

...''a profound, heartfelt, touching memoir ...of the matter-of-fact daily trails of living with MS.''
Dean Kramer writes a monthly column for MSWorld, Inc. called Life on Cripple Creek, and has been widely published as an essayist. She has received journalistic recognition for her sensitive essays on the plight of Haitian farm workers in Pennsylvania, has written lyrics for an Off-Broadway musical on the life of Will Rogers, written articles about the training of dogs who assist the disabled, and has written for both commercial and documentary film. Her work on the documentary film Me earned her a Golden Eagle award from the American Cine Society. Life on Cripple Creek is her first collection of essays.