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But I'm Hungry!: 2 Steps to Beating Hunger and Losing Weight Forever

by Marie Suszynski, Crystal Petrello and Sue Mellen Demos Health
Pub Date:
Pbk 296 pages
AU$37.99 NZ$39.99
Product Status: Available in Approx 14 days
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You're not going to try one more fad diet that leaves you feeling hungry and deprived. What's the point? When the beast-hunger-attacks you grab the nearest Twinkie or double-chocolate brownie. Eventually you give up on your struggle to lose weight and go back to your old, bad eating habits. You may have given up on weight loss, but at least you're not miserable. It doesn't have to be this way. You can lose the weight, keep it off and beat the beast at the same time. The ''But I'm Hungry!'' diet/life plan provides the exact combination of healthy foods and lifestyle changes you need to lose weight, feel great and never be hungry again. No more fad diets, just healthy living.

Step 1: Learn 1. Decoding Hunger 2. What Your Body Needs Vs. What You Think It Needs 3. What Satisfaction Feels Like 4. Throwing Exercise into the Mix 5. Revving Up for Weight Loss 6. Set Your Mind on Weight Loss 7. Your Weight-Loss Toolbox Step 2: Live 8. Satisfaction Solution: Eat Five Times a Day 9. Satisfaction Solution: Combining Carbs with Protein or Fat 10. Satisfaction Solution: Protein 11. Satisfaction Solution: Fat 12. Satisfaction Solution: Fiber 13. Satisfaction Solution: Water 14. Satisfaction Solution: De-Stress 15. Satisfaction Solution: Sleep 16. Going the Long Haul

''''But I'm Hungry!'' is a great, no-nonsense explanation of the science and psychology behind hunger.'' --Anita Jones-Mueller, President and Founder, Healthy Dining &''But I'm Hungry!'' looks at weight loss from a totally new angle, working with rather than against hunger, that is so logical and refreshing. I highly recommend this book.'' --Jennifer Bright Reich, co-author of ''The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby's First Year''''This program is the first comprehensive plan that looks at how hunger can keep you from losing weight. Simply following the information in this book can finally help you tackle hunger.''''By understanding and tapping into the 'satisfaction solution' to help you maximize the pleasure quotient of your meals, you will be on your way to a healthier, leaner body.'' --Barbara Mendez, Registered Pharmacist and Nutritionist''All the ingredients for successful eating are right here and they're easy to digest, making ''But I'm Hungry!'' a very satisfying read.'' --Amy Wood, PSYD, Author of ''Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-Paced World''
Marie Suszynski has a passion for writing about food, exercise, and weight loss. But the versatile health and sciencewriter has actually written about everything from cancer to skin care to sex. She has been a contributing writer to more than a dozen Prevention-branded books about diabetes, nutrition, weight loss, and menopause. She also has written hundreds of health articles for websites, including WebMD and Everyday Health. And here's the amazing part - she does it all while caring for her two small, active children. With its world-class restaurants and renowned chefs, Las Vegas is home to a thriving food culture. It'salso home to Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, for whom food is both a passion and profession. An experienced registered dietitian and owner of Crystal Clear Wellness and Nutrition; her Las Vegas home served as the test kitchen for But I'm Hungry! recipes, with husband Tony, the unofficial - and very lucky - taster. Sue Mellen is president of YourWriters, an online writing, editing, and content development site. Sue has specialized in business/ technology, writing regularly for Mass High Tech, Boston Business Journal, Worcester Business Journal and the News and Information page for DCI's Web site.