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Practical Guide to Forensic Psychotherapy

by Estela Welldon and Cleo Van Velsen Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Pbk 300 pages
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Forensic Psychiatry has expanded exponentially in the last twenty years with a dramatic increase in forensic psychiatry posts and medium secure unit beds. More recently there has been increased concern with the treatment and management of mentally ill offenders which has led to more interest in understanding. Treatment is seen by many people to be of great importance, hence the formation of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy, and the founding of the first diploma in forensic psychotherapy at the Portman Clinic, London. This practical text book is written for all professionals involved with people who break the law.

Foreword by Murray Cox. Foreword by Fiona Caldicott DBE, Immediate Past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Foreword by Helena Kennedy QC, Oxford Brookes University. General Introduction Estela V. Welldon and Cleo Van Velsen. PART I. 1. The Practical Approach Estela V.Welldon, Portman Clinic and University College London 2. Management and Treatment Caecilia Taylor, Institute of Psychiatry and Broadmoor Hospital. PART II Case Studies 3.The Psychodynamics of Incest Judith Trowell, Tavistock Clinic 4. Precursors in Childhood of Anti-Social Behaviour, Delinquency and Crime Christine Bradley, NCH Action for Children 5.Adolescents who Sexually Abuse Eileen Vizard, Simmons House Adolescent Service, Young Abuser's Project and University College London 6. The Learning Disabled (Mentally Handicapped) Offender Valerie Sinason, Tavistock Clinic, St George's Hospital Medical School and Portman Clinic 7. From Troubled Families to Corrupt Care: Sexual Abuse in Institutions Caroline Garland, Tavistock Clinic 8. Understanding Murderous Young People Sue Bailey and Lynn Aulich, Mental Health Services of Salford 9. Murderousness Anne Zachary, Portman Clinic 10.Women who Murder their Children Jane Knowles, West Berkshire Psychotherapy Service 11.Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Kerry Bluglass, Woodbourne Clinic and University of Birmingham 12.The Female Arsonist Christine Foy, Mid Wales Hospital 13.A Case of Murder Caecilia Taylor, Institute of Psychiatry and Broadmoor Hospital 14. 'Written on the Body': Deliberate Self-Harm and Violence Gwen Adshead, Institute of Psychiatry and Broadmoor Hospital 15. Psychotherapy in a Special Hospital: Learning Difficulty and Violence Jo-anne Carlyle, Tavistock Clinic 16. Music Therapy and Psychotic Violence Ann Sloboda, freelance Music Therapist 17. The Treatment of Alcohol Dependency in Groups Barbara Elliott, ACCEPT Services 18.Violence and Alcohol Maggie Hilton, Henderson Hospital 19. Addiction: Loving and Hating Jessica Williams-Saunders, Broadmoor Hospital 20. Rape Sheilagh Davies, Royal Free Hospital 21. The Flasher, Elif Grisik, Portman Clinic 22. A Case of Voyeurism Francesca Hume, Tavistock Clinic 23.From Sado-Masochism to Shared Sadness Marisa Dillon-Weston, St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey 24. Auto-Erotic Asphyxia and Art Psychotherapy Rein Innes, Fromeside Clinic 25. Female Prostitution Elif Grisik, Portman Clinic 26.Technical Problems in the Psychotherapy of Perverse Female Patients Jane Milton, Tavistock Clinic 27. The Burglar Judith Whale, Addenbrookes NHS Trust 28.The Female Fraudster Jenifer Anne Clarke, Bridgend and District NHS Trust 29. Money for Nothing: A Case of 'White Collar' Crime Gwen Adshead, Institute of Psychiatry and Broadmoor Hospital 30.Women who Shoplift Jane Knowles, West Berkshire Psychotherapy Service 31. A Delinquent in the Therapeutic Community: Actions Speak Louder than Words Gill McGauley, Broadmoor Hospital and St George's Hospital Medical School 32. Working on the Borderline: Can We Continue to Turn a Blind Eye? Felicity De Zulueta, Charing Cross Hospital. PART III Society, Law and Psychiatry 33.The Court, the Lawyer, the Psychiatrist and the Legal System Debbie Taylor, Lincoln's Inn 34. The Adversarial Process: Trial by Ordeal? Penelope Barrett, Gray's Inn 35. Forensic Psychotherapy Assessments and the Legal System Carine Minne, Portman Clinic 36. Medico-Legal Ethics in Forensic Psychotherapy Julie Stone, University of Birmingham. PART IV. Audit and Research 37. Research Alice Levinson, Parkside Clinic 38. Audit Rachael Davenhill, Institute of Psychoanalysis and Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust References The Contributors Subject Index Author Index

`…since the chapters are written by different clinicians, they are all very different from one another. In my view this adds to the richness of the text'
Dr Estela Welldon MD FRCPsych, is Consultant Psychotherapist at the Portman Clinic and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychotherapy at University College, London. She is the Founder and Honorary President for life of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy and the founding Director of the Forensic Psychotherapy Diploma Course. She is a member of the British Association of Psychotherapists, an Honorary Member of the Institute of Group Analysis and a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy. She is author of the acclaimed book examining the perversion of motherhood, Mother, Madonna, Whore (Guilford Press).
Dr Cleo Van Velsen MRCPsych, qualified in medicine and surgery from King's College Hospital, London and trained in psychiatry at St George's Hospital, London. She is currently consultant psychotherapist on the psychotherapy unit of the Maudsley Hospital and is founder member of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy.