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Harriman's New Book of Investing Rules: The do’s and don’ts of the world’s best investors

by Christopher Parker Harriman House
Pub Date:
Hbk 528 pages
AU$52.99 NZ$57.38
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Every investor needs an edge. Where better to look than the rules of the world's best investors?


These are the do's and don'ts that have driven profits in the billions. They are the practical precepts of many of the best investors in the UK and the US and further afield - the wisdom of the money manager who outperformed the market by staggering percentages for three decades in a row, of the private investor who once trained the professionals in the City, of the ex-hedge fund manager who now advocates the simplest investing system in the world.


And 50+ MORE of the most interesting minds in modern investing, from Wall Street to Westminster and back again.


The legendary Harriman Book of Investing Rules is back with a massive, all-new volume - packed with hundreds of pages of compelling content, bringing you the arguments of the very best investing minds around the globe in one unputdownable book.


Editor's Note

Foreword by Jonathan Davis

Frank Armstrong - Investing from the Cockpit

Glen Arnold - Investing Tenets of the Private Investor Who Trained the Professionals

Martin Bamford - Britain's Bestselling Financial Planner on Dealing with Risk and Reward

John Baron - Insights of an Investment Trust Expert

Andy Bell - How to Be a Successful DIY Investor

Alistair Blair - Eleven Quick Tips for Time-Limited Private Investors

Michael van Biema - Concentrated Value Investing in Six Simple Steps

John C. Bogle - Investing Insights of the $4 Trillion Man

Anthony Bolton - Long-Term Lessons from a Legendary Run

Jeroen Bos - How to Go Deep Value Diving for Bargain Shares

Jonathan Boyar - Patience Makes Perfect

Ashton Bradbury - Go Top-Down and Bottom-Up for Better Investing Outcomes

Kathleen Brooks - Five FX Fixes to Trade Like the Best

Mike Brooks - How to Be Genuinely Diversified

David Buik - Reflections on a Life in the City

Robbie Burns - The Naked Trader Laid Bare

Richard Buxton - The Hard But Rewarding Art of Investing

Tobias Carlisle - Zig When the Investing Crowd Zags

Robert Carver - How to Invest Systematically

Jonathan Clements - Nine Ways to Think Differently About Money

Michael Covel - Ten Tenets of a Trend Follower

Andrew Craig - How to Invest So That Crashes Don't Matter

Sandy Cross - Six Tips for Talent-Spotting Active Fund Managers

Lawrence A. Cunningham - Warren Buffett's Investing Rules

Job Curtis - Successful Equity Income Investing

Mark Dampier - Investing, Warts and All

Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton - Five Factors that Influence Investment Returns

Stephen Eckett - How to Profit from Stock Market Anomalies

Alexander Elder - Comments on Futures

Scott Fearon - Stock Picking 101

Ken Fisher - Invest By Knowing What Others Don't

Anthony Garner - How to use ETF Trading Systems to Outperform the Experts

Wesley Gray and Jack Vogel - Axioms of the Alpha Architects

Tren Griffin - Charlie Munger's Investing Rules

Robin Griffiths - Rules Beat Judgement: Trend Following With Technical Analysis

Tim Hale - Four Simple Steps to Smarter Investing

Ian Heslop - Five Bright Ideas for Taking the Bias out of Investment

Andrew Hunt - Two Mice Fell in a Bucket of Cream - The Art of Contrarian Value Investing

James Inglis-Jones - How Practising Your Process Makes Perfect

Niels Jensen - Absolute Returns and the End of Indexing

John Kingham - Dictums of a Defensive Value Investor

Lars Kroijer - How to Invest Without Speculation or Sleepless Nights

John Lee - Twelve Golden Rules for Making a Million - Slowly

Nick Louth - Make Meaningful Returns with the Help of a Marvellous Mathematical Principle

Yoram Lustig - Eight Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing

Chris Mayer - Four Simple Things You Should Do to Succeed in the Stock Market

Tim Morgan - Risk and Return in an Age of Abnormality

Charlie Morris - Everything is Connected: An Investor's Guide

Ned Naylor-Leyland - The Wheel of History - and a Golden Future

Matthew Partridge - What I Learned From Studying the Greatest Investors in History

Jacob Rees-Mogg - Investing in Emerging Markets with Veins of Ice and Nerves of Steel

David Schneider - Before You Invest in Businesses, Start a Business

Edmund Shing - Know Thyself! And Pick a System to Suit You

Peter Spiller - In Investing, Only the Short Term is Random

Greg Steinmetz - Value Investing in the Age of Leonardo

Tom Stevenson - Don't Lose Money - It's Hard to Replace

Van K. Tharp - You Don't Trade the Markets: You Trade Your Beliefs About Them

Nick Train - The Seven Pillars of Investing Wisdom

Eoin Treacy - Investing in Explosions Waiting to Happen

Pertti Vanhanen - Nine Home Truths of Property Investing

Edgar Wachenheim - Learn to Love Common Stocks

Todd Wenning - How to Keep Your Dividend Edge

Gervais Williams - Make the Most of the Market Environment

Craig Yeaman - Good Ideas Are Finite


Christopher Parker is an editor and designer at Harriman House.