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IBS: 365 Tips for Living Well

by Barbara Bolen Demos Health
Pub Date:
Pbk 168 pages
AU$29.99 NZ$30.43
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Improve your health and quality of life with expert advice and strategies to outsmart IBS.  Filled with practical tips and support to help you deal with the stress and lifestyle changes that come with living with IBS each day, IBS: 365 Tips for Living Well will show you how to:   


- Find ways to treat your IBS effectively and avoid flare-ups, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, and complementary and alternative therapies  

- Relieve stomach pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation  

- Know which food and beverages to eat and drink and which ones to avoid  

- Begin a Low-FODMAP diet to ease painful symptoms and improve digestion

 - Feel confident at work, school, parties, and the gym and in all of your everyday activities  

- Prevent IBS from compromising your personal relationships



1. Understanding What Is and Isn’t IBS

What Exactly Is IBS?

What’s Going Wrong?

What if It’s Not IBS?

2. A Successful Relationship with Your Doctor

Who to See?

The Importance of a Symptom Diary

Pre-Appointment Prep

At the Appointment

Doctor—Patient Relationship

3. Making the Most of Your Medical Care

Diagnostic Tests

Medical Treatment Options

When to Call Your Doctor

IBS and the Emergency Room

4. Alternative Treatment Options

Mind–Body Treatments

Alternative Physical Treatments

Over-the-Counter Remedies (OTCs)

OTCs for Constipation

OTCs for Diarrhea

OTCs for Gas and Bloating

5. Eating with IBS

General Eating Tips

Best Teas

Green Juices and Smoothies

Need to Lose Weight?

Need to Gain Weight?

6. Eating for Symptom Relief

Eating Tips for Constipation

Eating Tips for Diarrhea

Eating Tips for Alternating Type IBS (IBS-A)

Eating Tips for Gas and Bloating

7. Special IBS Diets

Tips for Success on a Special Diet

The Gluten-Free Diet

The Low-FODMAP Diet

The Elimination Diet

Going Grain Free

8. Handling Symptoms

Pain Management

Handling Diarrhea Episodes

Constipation Tips

Bathroom Accidents

Gas and Bloating Tips

9. Daily Life

Dealing with Unpredictability

Work Life

School Life

Getting Around

10. Your Social Life

Choosing the Right People

Telling Others

Social Outings


Your Dating Life

Your Sex Life

11. Family Life


Being a Parent

When Your Child Has IBS

12. Stress Management

The Stress Response

Relaxation Exercises

Healthy Thinking



Financial Stress

13. Self-Care Strategies

Healthy Gut Bacteria

Physical Exercise

Get Better Sleep

Beyond IBS

Essential Resources