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Epistle on Legal Theory: A Translation of Al-Shafii's Risalah

by Muhammad ibn Idris, al-Shafii Library of Arabic Literature
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Pbk 368 pages
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The Epistle on Legal Theory is the oldest surviving Arabic work on Islamic legal theory and the foundational document of Islamic jurisprudence. Its author, Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi'i (d. 204 H/820 AD), was the eponym of the Shafi'i school of legal thought, one of the four rites in Sunni Islam. This fascinating work offers the first systematic treatment in Arabic of key issues in Islamic legal thought. These include a survey of the importance of Arabic as the language of revelation, principles of textual interpretation to be applied to the Qur'an and prophetic Traditions, techniques for harmonizing apparently contradictory precedents, legal epistemology, rules of inference, and discussions of when legal interpretation is required. The author illustrates his theoretical claims with numerous examples drawn from nearly all areas of Islamic law, including ritual law, commercial law, tort law, and criminal law. The text thus provides an important window into both Islamic law and legal thought in particular and early Islamic intellectual history in general .
This new translation by a leading scholar of Shafi'i and his thought makes available in lucid, modern English one of the earliest complete works on Islamic law—one that is centrally important for the formation of Islamic legal thought and the Islamic legal tradition.

Letter from the General Editor 
A Note on the Text 
Notes to the Introduction
Epistle on Legal Theory 
Glossary of Names and Terms 
Further Reading 
Index of Qur'an Passages 
About the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute 
About the Typefaces
About the Editor-Translator 

"Lowry has made a new and assertive offering with his translation of conceptual terminology... a significant achievement."-Journal of Near Eastern Studies

"The Epistle on Legal Theory represents one of the earliest complete works on Islamic law, one that is centrally important for the formation of Islamic legal thought and Islamic legal tradition."-Islamic Horizons

“This is a very accurate and eloquent translation.…The translator’s use of suitable English terms makes the text easy to read, unburdened by transliterations or overly cumbersome terminology.”

-Ahmed El Shamsy,University of Chicago
Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi?i(d. 204H/820AD) was the eponym of the Shafi?i school of legal thought, one of the four rites in Sunni Islam.
Joseph E. Lowry is Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His books includeEarly Islamic Legal Theory: The Risala of Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi?i. His research and publications focus on the Qur?an, Islamic law, and Arabic literature. Before becoming an academic he was an attorney in private practice in Washington, D.C.