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Reimagining the Sacred: Richard Kearney debates God with James Wood, Catherine Keller, Charles Taylor, Julia Kristeva, Gianni Vattimo, Simon Critchley, Jean-Luc Marion, John Caputo, David Tracey, and Merodl Westphal

by Richard Kearney and Jens Zimmermann Columbia University Press
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Pbk 288 pages
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Contemporary conversations about religion and culture are framed by two reductive definitions of secularity. In one, multiple faiths and nonfaiths coexist free from a dominant belief in God. In the other, we deny the sacred altogether and exclude religion from rational thought and behaviour. But is there a third way for those who wish to rediscover the sacred in a sceptical society? What kind of faith, if any, can be proclaimed after the ravages of the Holocaust and the many religion-based terrors since?

Richard Kearney explores these questions with a host of philosophers known for their inclusive, forward-thinking work on the intersection of secularism, politics, and religion. An interreligious dialogue that refuses to paper over religious difference, these conversations locate the sacred within secular society and affirm a positive role for religion in human reflection and action. Drawing on his own philosophical formulations, literary analysis, and personal interreligious experiences, Kearney develops through these engagements a basic gesture of hospitality for approaching the question of God. His work facilitates a fresh encounter with our best-known voices in continental philosophy and their views on issues of importance to all spiritually minded individuals and sceptics: how to reconcile God's goodness with human evil, how to believe in both God and natural science, how to talk about God without indulging in fundamentalist rhetoric, and how to balance God's sovereignty with God's love.

Preface, by Richard Kearney
Introduction, by Jens Zimmermann
1. God After God: An Anatheist Attempt to Reimagine God, by Richard Kearney
2. Imagination, Anatheism, and the Sacred, by Richard Kearney and James Wood
3. Beyond the Impossible, by Richard Kearney and Catherine Keller
4. Transcendent Humanism in a Secular Age, by Richard Kearney and Charles Taylor
5. New Humanism and the Need to Believe, by Richard Kearney and Julia Kristeva
6. Anatheism, Nihilism, and Weak Thought, by Richard Kearney and Gianni Vattimo
7. What's God? "A Shout in the Street, by Richard Kearney and Simon Critchley
8. The Death of the Death of God, by Richard Kearney and Jean-Luc Marion
9. Anatheism and Radical Hermeneutics, by Richard Kearney and John Caputo
10. Theism, Atheism, Anatheism, by David Tracy, Merold Westphal, and Jens Zimmermann
Epilogue: In Guise of a Response, by Richard Kearney
Artist's Note, by Sheila Gallagher

A welcome addition... for anyone unfamiliar with the work of Richard Kearney, this could be an excellent first introduction to anatheism and the God-who-may-be.

Richard Kearney holds the Charles H. Seelig Chair of Philosophy at Boston College. He is the author of more than twenty books, including Strangers, Gods, and Monsters, The God Who May Be, and Anatheism: Returning to God After God.<