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Operations Management: A Supply Chain Process Approach

by Joel Wisner SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Hbk 656 pages
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& Academics:
Operations Management: A Supply Chain Process Approach by Joel D. Wisner is a core text designed for undergraduate students taking an introductory operations management course. Wisner covers both strategic and operational topics, teaching students the tools and techniques needed for success operations management. Wisner is aimed at instructors looking to use a briefer text (i.e. 500-700 pages) with a very accessible writing style and numerous applications. There are much denser, theoretical texts available (e.g. Stevenson and Heizer which are 888-960 pages) which are designed for more advanced or graduate-level courses.


Wisner begins by making the business case for operations management, underscoring how successful operations are critical to an organization’s strategic and financial success. Wisner then begins outlining the key operations processes i.e. managing capacity, managing customer relationships and service, managing demand and forecasting, and managing inventory. The text then addresses how to analyze material flows and create lean systems. Wisner provides comprehensive coverage of managing work flows, information flows, and quality control. The text concludes by addressing global supply chain management and emphasizing the importance of integrating processes along the supply chain.





 Key Features:





·         Takes supply chain process approach, linking operations management topics to the supply chain





·         Provides balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative concepts, explaining the more technical aspects of operations management in a conversational, accessible manner.





·         Emphasizes the importance of customer service, global supply chains, and integrating operations processes along the supply chain





·         Discusses emerging trends in each chapter, providing students with the latest information on how issues like big data and sustainability are influencing OM processes





·         Includes numerous features such as OM Perspective boxes, solved example problems, discussion questions, additional problems, and three case studies within each chapter











Chapter 1: Operations Management, Processes and Supply Chain Management
OM Service Profile: Walmart Uses Its Supply Chain to Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability
Operations Management Defined
Processes and Supply Chain
OM Service Profile: Process Improvement at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital
A Supply Chain View of the Organization
The Eight Key Supply Chain Processes
OM Service Profile: Demand Management at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games
Operations Management in Services
OM Service Profile: Succeeds with Outstanding Customer Service
Important Developments in Operations Management
Chapter 2: Corporate Strategy, Performance, and Sustainability
OM Manufacturing Profile: Dow Chemical's Use of Ethics and Sustainability
Corporate Strategy Development
Aligning Operations Strategies for Competitive Advantage
Operations Strategy Tradeoffs
Measuring Operations Performance
OM Manufacturing Profile: Frito-Lay Analyzes a Performance Problem
OM Service Profile: Scorecarding at Global Workplace Solutions
Trends in Operations Strategies - The Growing Importance of Ethics and Sustainability
OM Service Profile: CSR at Standard Chartered Bank
Chapter 3: Product Design and Development
OM Service Profile: Product Design at Denny's
Design of Goods and Services
OM Manufacturing Profile: Designing Powerski's Jetboard
The Product Development Process
OM Manufacturing Profile: Enterprise Social Networking at SAS Institute
OM Service Profile: ARAMARK's Use of Service Blueprinting
Reducing Product Development Lead Time
Sustainability in Product Design
Current Trends in Product Design
Chapter 4: Process Design and Capacity Management
OM Service Profile: Mass Customization in Campus Dining Halls
Types of Processes
Process Flowcharting and Analysis
OM Service Profile: Process Analysis at Intermountain Healthcare
OM Service Profile: Process Monitoring and Improvement at Lake Cumberland Hospital
Capacity Management
Break-Even Analysis
Sustainability in Process Design
OM Manufacturing Profile: Sustainability at Burt's Bees
Chapter 5: Customer Relationships and Customer Service
OM Service Profile: The Importance of Building Relationships at Byrne Industrial Solutiions
Customer Relationships and Customer Service Defined
The Customer Relationship Process
OM Service Profile: Using Predictive Analytics to Segment Customers
OM Service Profile: CRM Success at the University of South Florida
The Customer Service Process
Chapter 6: Demand Management, Forecasting and Aggregate Planning
OM Service Profile: Better Demand Forecasting Saves Money for Lee Memorial Health System
Demand Management Defined
The Forecasting Process
Forecast Accuracy
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment
OM Profile: Retailer West Marine Finds Success with CPFR
Aggregate Planning
Chapter 7: Independent Demand Inventory Management Systems
OM Profile: Managing Inventory in the Cloud at USA Cycling
Types of Inventories
Functions of Inventory
Inventory Costs, Risks, and Value
Independent Demand Inventory Management
OM Profile: Managing Inventories is Like ABC at Metso
Measuring Inventory Management Performance
OM Profile: Designing a Performance Measurement System at Talan
Chapter 8: Material Flow Analysis and Facility Layouts
OM Profile: Value Stream Mapping at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Material Flow Mapping
Material Flow Analysis
Theory of Constraints
OM Profile: ASPC Sees Benefits with TOC
Manufacturing Flexibility
OM Profile: BAE Systems' CIM Facility
Layout Design
OM Profile: T-Mobile's New Retail Layout Profile
Trends in Layout Design
Chapter 8 Supplement: Job Scheduling and Vehicle Routing
OM Profile: Vehicle Scheduling at Airport Limousine Services Ltd.
Job Scheduling
Dispatch Rules
Vehicle Scheduling and Routing
Chapter 9: Lean Systems
OM Profile: Cox Machine's Lean Supply Chain
A Short History of Lean and the Toyota Production System
Lean Practices
OM Profile: Lean Systems at R.W. Beckett
OM Profile: CertainTeed's Use of the Kaizen Blitz
Lean Thinking Services
Creating a Lean Culture
Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains
OM Profile: Nike's Lean and Sustainable Supply Chain
Current Issues with Lean Systems
Chapter 10: Managing Customer and Work Flows
OM Profile: The Mooyah Goggle Test
Customer Flow Mapping
Service Delivery System Design
Demand Variability and Service Capacity Utilization
Managing Customer Queues
OM Profile: Cox Reduces Waits for the Cable Guy
Managing Work Flows
OM Profile: Peninsula Uses Dose Management Tool to Reduce Medication Errors
Chapter 11: Managing Information Flows - MRP and ERP
OM Profile: Gallus BioPharmaceuticals Uses Rapid Implementation for their ERP System
The Concept of Information Flow
OM Profile: Dart Uses Technology to Schedule Drivers and Shipments
Dependent Demand Inventory Management
OM Profile: MRP System Takes Madill into 21st Century
The Evolution and Use of enterprise Resource Planning Systems
OM Profile: Service Shop Implements Cloud ERP
Automating Process Management
OM Profile: Skandia Saves Costs with BPM
Trend in Enterprise Resource Planning
Chapter 12: Managing Projects
OM Service Profile: ScottishPower Renewables to Build World's Largest Tidal Energy Project
Project Management Defined
Project Planning and the Gantt Chart
The CPM and PERT Project Management Techniques
Project Trade-offs and Crashing
Managing Project Risk
OM Service Profile: Project Risk Management at London's Olympic Park
Project Management Trends - Software and Cloud-Based Systems
OM Service Profile: Ajasa Switches to Use of MS Project
Chapter 13: Six Sigma Quality Management
OM Service Profile: Louisiana State Police Crime Lab Uses Six Sigma to Improve Productivity
The Origins of Six Sigma
OM Service Profile: Cedars-Sinai Uses Lean Six Sigma to Improve Hand Hygiene
The Contributors to, and Elements of Six Sigma
OM Service Profile: K&N'Only the Second Restaurant to Win the Baldrige
The Tools of Six Sigma
OM Manufacturer Profile: Boeing's Use of Root Cause Analysis
Trends in Six Sigma
Chapter 13 Supplement: Statistical Quality Control
OM Manufacturer Profile: Improving Bricks with Statistical Process Control
Process Control for Variable Data
Process Control for Attribute Data
Process Capability
Acceptance Sampling
Chapter 14: Global Supply Management
OM Profile: The Practice of Nearshoring
The Strategic Role of Supply Management
The Purchasing Cycle
OM Service Profile: Areya's Program for Locating Suppliers
The Make-or-Buy Break-Even Analysis
Global Sourcing
OM Profile:The Growth of Foreign Trade in Mexico
Supply Base Rationalization
Supplier Relationship Management
Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing
OM Service Profile: Bon Appétit's Sustainable Initiatives
Current Trend - Improving Supplier Performance
Chapter 15: Location, Logistics, and Product Returns
OM Profile: NAFTA and the I-35 Corridor
Manufacturing and Service Location Strategies
OM Profile: East Penn's Wujiang Facility
Transportation Planning
OM Profile: Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Begins Operating
Warehousing Management
Returns Management
Current Trend'Logistics Sustainability
OM Service Profile: Going Green is Saving Green for Wright & Filippis
Product Returns and Sustainability
Chapter 16. Integrating Processes along the Supply Chain
OM Manufacturing Profile: Process Integration is a Complex Undertaking at IBM
The Supply Chain Process Integration Model
OM Profile: Sanyuan Foods Integrates Their Milk Supply Chain
OM Profile: HP Integrates Its Supply Chains with Menlo's Help
Obstacles to Process Integration
Managing Supply Chain Risk and Security
OM Service Profile: Panjiva Analyzes Supply Chain Risk
Trends in Process Integration

“The presentation of the materials is excellent!  The examples of the companies throughout the chapters are a fantastic way to get the messages across to the students.  This is the best operations book I have ever read.”

Joel Wisner