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Brain Flexers: Games and Activities to Strengthen Memory

by Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick Health Professions Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 224 pages
AU$93.99 NZ$95.64
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Get ready to flex, tone, and boost the brain with Brain Flexers! Science has revealed how much our brains can grow and change in response to learning throughout life, even when a person is experiencing memory loss. Regardless of age, everyone has the ability to change their brain for the better!

This mind-stimulating book offers tools and resources to strengthen mental functioning. Targeted brain fitness activities work to exercise many areas of cognition, such as memory, attention, focus, visual-spatial processing, and sequencing. These activities are fun—and appropriately challenging! And just like any good workout, the benefits increase the more you do!

Organized by theme—Warm-ups, Sharpening Your Sense, Language, Geography, Creativity, History and Culture, Logic and Sequence, Music—each section comes equipped with ready-to-use worksheets of activities and corresponding answer sheets that include tips and advice for facilitators. From Conversation Starters to Scrambled Quotes to Doodling Fun to Natural Wonders of the World, you’ll find in this book activities, trivia, and games that entertain while stimulating the mind and sharpening the senses.

Useful with groups as well as one-on-one, the activities are also designed to promote discussion, reminiscence, and socializing—another important component to brain fitness. Brain Flexers is perfect for activity staff as well as individuals with early memory loss and their family members. Discover the laughter, conversation, and friendships that come from flexing the brain, and facilitate a positive brain workout designed for a fit and ever-changing mind.

Information for Guides

Warm Ups
1.Two Syllable Fruits and Vegetalbes
2.Name Seven
4.Getting from Here to There
5.How Many Can You Name?
6.Begins with M
7.Word Prefixes
8.Things that Come in Pairs
9.Things that Spin
10.Things that Melt
11.What's in Your Wallet?
12.Name 10 Green Vegetables

Sharpening Your Senses
1.Conversation Starters: Sense of Hearing
2.Conversation Starters: Sense of Smell
3.Conversation Starters: Sense of Taste
4.Conversation Starters: Sense of Touch
5.Conversation Starters: Sense of Sight
6.Our Sense of Hearing
7.Our Sense of Smell
8.Our Sense of Taste
9.Our Sense of Touch
10.Our Sense of Sight
11.What Can You Find?
12.The Power of Observation—Name Three

1.Common Food Expressions
2.Fun with Compound Words
3.Jack Be Nimble—and Other Jacks!
4.Often-Used Foreign-Language Phrases
5.Paragraph Proofer
6.Rhyming Away
7.Snazzy Syllables
8.Splendid Synonyms
9.The Letter J
10.Word Diamonds
11.Word Power
12.Words with Strange Plurals

1.Africa Close Up
2.Around the World in 16 Questions
3.Canada, Oh Canada
4.European Geography
5.Natural Wonders of the World
6.South American Geography and More
7.The Last Frontier
8.U.S. State Name Origins
9.U.S. Travel Trivia
10.Waterways of the World A-Z
11.Where Would You Be If…?
12.World In-Betweens

1.If I've Told You Once, I've Told You a Thousand Times!
2.Alternative Endings
3.Doodling Fun
4.Drawing on the Mind
5.How Observant Are You?
6.Scrambled Quotes
7.Sketch Pad
8.The Great Magazine Search
9.What's in the Photo?
10.Your Childhood Years
11.Your Dream House
12.Your Favorites

History and Culture
1.All About U.S. National Parks
2.Famous Couples in History
3.Dancin' the Night Away
4.Famous Events in Space and Aviation
5.Great Friends
6.Executive Branch of the United States
7.Legislative Branch of the United States
8.Television, Then and Now
9.U.S. Money Trivia
10.What's for Dinner?
11.Who Was President?
12.Women in Sports

Logic and Sequencing
1.All Things Big
2.All Things Small
3.Directions by the Letter
4.Doodling Fun
5.Match the Mascot
6.Put the Zip Codes in Order
7.When in History?
8.What Comes Next?
9.What's Left?
10.Which Price Tag Is Higher?
11.Which Doesn't Belong?
12.Which is Largest?
13.Which is Smallest?

1.Celebrating Color through Songs
2.Celebrating Geography through Songs
3.Famous Jingles
4.Name That Tune
5.The Piano: An Instrument for All Ages
6.Play Me a Tune!
7.Scrambled Music Terms
8.Songs of Years Gone By
9.Which Instrument?
10.Name That Musical
11.Which Song Is It?
12.Who Made the Song Famous?

Kristin Einberger has worked with older adults for 30 years, most of it with people with cognitive impairment. In the last few years, she has focused her time on early memory loss. She developed and facilitated two social day programs for people experiencing early memory loss and assisted in starting another. Currently, she facilitates one of these programs in Fairfield, California. She is also the program coordinator for a senior day program in Northern California. Kristin has presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences, including the Alzheimerâ??s Association, Brookdale Foundation, American Society on Aging, and the California Council for Adult Education. She has partnered with Janelle Sellick to author a technical manual for the Brookdale Foundation on Creating an Early Memory Loss Program. In addition, she has written an activity card set titled Sharpen Your Senses. Kristin has also written many articles on the same subject.

Janelle Sellick, M.S., RTC/CTRS, has worked with people with cognitive impairment for the past 10 years, and specifically with people with early memory loss for the past 4 years. She developed and facilitated two social/educational programs for people with early memory loss and has also developed educational classes for caregivers. In addition, she has taught numerous memory enhancement classes and seminars to independent seniors. Janelle has presented at many local, state, and national conferences, including the Alzheimerâ??s Association, the California Park and Recreation Society, the Brookdale Foundation, and the American Therapeutic Recreation Association. She is the author of many newsletter and magazine articles on memory loss and the author of the book Traditions: Improving Quality of Life in Caregiving. Most recently, she has partnered with Kristin Einberger to author a technical manual for the Brookdale Foundation on Creating an Early Memory Loss Program