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1956 Suez War and the New World Order in the Middle East: Exodus in Reverse

by Yagil Henkin Lexington Books
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Pbk 340 pages
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The 1956 Suez War, fought between Egypt and the improbable coalition of Britain, France, and Israel, was a key point in the history of the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict. A blitzkrieg-style Israeli victory proved that Israel's victory in the 1948 war was not an accident to be swiftly fixed by Arab armies, and gave the country eleven years of relative peace until the next major conflict. An Anglo-French blunder marked the decline of British and French influence in the Middle East, to be replaced by Soviet and US involvement. Egyptian defiance of the great powers of the past marked the high point of Arab nationalism.


Despite the importance of the Suez conflict, almost no comprehensive military history of it exists. This book changes this by presenting a clear, comprehensive narrative of the conflict with a special emphasis on the military decisions and the short- and long-term results of the conflict, both tactical and strategic, military and political.

Chapter 1: Who Was Who in the Middle East, 1954
Chapter 2: Wild Rhetoric and Real Estate: Escalation, 1954-1956
Chapter 3: French Steel, British Will: Planning the Suez War, July-October 1956
Chapter 4: A Collusion Course: An Unlikely Alliance, October 1956
Chapter 5: Flying Cutters and the Paratrooper Gambit: Opening Moves, October 28-30, 1956
Chapter 6: Success and Fiasco at Abu-Ageila: October 30-November 2, 1956
Chapter 7: Exodus in Reverse: Israel Takes Sinai, October 31-November 5, 1956
Chapter 8: The Peacekeeping Attack: October 31-November 5, 1956
Chapter 9: Hot and Cold Wars: The Allied Invasion and the Aftermath, November 5, 1956-March 6, 1957
Epilogue: The Legacy of Suez

The story of the Suez War has been told many times, by the principals and by historians. But Yagil Henkin's account stands out. He has finally given the military moves their full due alongside the more famous diplomatic maneuvering. But this is not only military history. Henkin presents events from every possible vantage point'Israeli, British, French, Egyptian, and American'and he integrates this into a seamless narrative, distinguished by its easy readability. No serious shelf on the 1956 war, however full, can do without Yagil Henkin's indispensable work.
Yagil Henkin is a military historian at the Israeli Army's Command and General Staff College.