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Understanding Bipolar Disorder: A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective

by David J Miklowitz and Dante Cicchetti Guilford Publications
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Hbk 572 pages
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This is the first book to systematically examine the development and course of bipolar disorder across the lifespan, identifying important directions for evidence-based treatment and prevention. The editors and contributors are foremost authorities who synthesize cutting-edge research at multiple levels of analysis, including genetic, neurobiological, cognitive, emotional, and family perspectives. Compelling topics include how bipolar symptoms change from childhood through adolescence and adulthood and the interplay of risk and protective factors at different developmental stages. The volume also addresses how developmental knowledge can inform the selection and timing of clinical interventions.

> Will be the definitive volume on how we understand the development of bipolar disorder.
> The book's editors are renowned for their pioneering work in bipolar disorder (Miklowitz) and developmental psychopathology (Cicchetti).
> Presents state-of-the-science knowledge on an important, hot topic.
> A major contribution to the field from foremost editors and contributors.

Adult and child clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, developmental psychologists, clinical social workers; researchers and graduate students across the mental health disciplines.

May serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses.

''A tour de force. This book masterfully brings together all that is known about the biological, social, and psychological factors that contribute to bipolar disorder and that underlie treatment. In chapter after chapter, internationally acclaimed authors present their areas of expertise with extraordinary breadth and depth, and with great compassion for people with the disorder. Will surely be required reading for researchers, clinicians, and students.''
- Mark Williams, PhD, Wellcome Principal Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

''This book is a 'must' for anyone interested in a developmental perspective on bipolar disorder across the lifespan. It is likely to become the standard reference in the area. Miklowitz and Cicchetti have chosen their contributors well, producing a volume of great value and one that fills an important void in the literature.''
- Ellen Frank, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Psychology, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

1. A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective on Bipolar Disorder, Dante Cicchetti

I. Phenomenology and Diagnosis

2. Development, Age of Onset, and Phenomenology in Bipolar Disorder, Stephanie E. Meyer and Gabrielle A. Carlson

3. A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective on the Assessment and Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, Eric A. Youngstrom

4. Bipolar Disorder in the Preschool Period: Development and Differential Diagnosis, Joan L. Luby, Andy C. Belden, and Mini Tandon

II. Onset, Prognosis, and Course

5. Clinical Presentation and Longitudinal Course of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Rasim Somer Diler, Boris Birmaher, & David J. Miklowitz

6. Course of Early-Onset Bipolar Spectrum Disorders during the College Years: A Behavioral Approach System Dysregulation Perspective, Lauren B. Alloy, Lyn Y. Abramson, Snezana Urosevic, Robin Nusslock, and Shari Jager-Hyman

7. A Developmental Perspective on the Course of Bipolar Disorder in Adulthood, Joseph F. Goldberg

III. Etiology/Risk and Protective Mechanisms

8. Genetic and Environmental Vulnerability to Bipolar Spectrum Disorders, Erik Willcutt and Matthew McQueen

9. Neurodevelopment in Bipolar Disorder: A Neuroimaging Perspective, David E. Fleck, Michael A. Cerullo, Jayasree Nandagopal, Caleb M. Adler, Nick C. Patel, Stephen M. Strakowski, and Melissa P. DelBello

10. Adolescent-Onset Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: A Cognitive Vulnerability–Stress Perspective, Lauren B. Alloy, Lyn Y. Abramson, Patricia D. Walshaw, Jessica Keyser, and Rachel K. Gerstein

11. Social Cognition and Cognitive Flexibility in Bipolar Disorder, Erin B. McClure-Tone

12. The Role of Stress in the Onset, Course, and Progression of Bipolar Illness and Its Comorbidities: Implications for Therapeutics, Robert M. Post and David J. Miklowitz

IV. Treatment

13. Developmental Considerations in the Pharmacological Treatment of Youth with Bipolar Disorder, Robert A. Kowatch, Jeffrey R. Strawn, and Melissa P. DelBello

14. Pharmacotherapy for Adults with Bipolar DepressionMichael E. Thase15. Family-Based Approaches to Treating Bipolar Disorder in Adolescence: Family-Focused Therapy and Dialectical Behavior TherapyDavid J. Miklowitz & Tina R. Goldstein16. Psychoeducational Psychotherapy for Children with Bipolar DisorderAmy N. Mendenall and Mary A. FristadV. A First-Person Account17. Growin Up in a Family with Bipolar Disorder: Personal Experience, Developmental Issues, and Overcoming StigmaStephen P. Hinshaw

"This scholarly work is a tour de force of bipolar disorder across the life-span. Each chapter is a solid review of the literature on different core aspects of the disease from a developmental perspective. The use of language is precise and cogent, while the narrative in this book is compelling. The discussions are thoughtful, conscious of the limitations of current academic knowledge, and future-oriented towards what needs to be unearthed next....One of this work's greatest achievements is that it is comprehensive without losing its depth. This is a significant book for any mental health professional interested in the matters of nature versus nurture across the life span."
Edited by David J. Miklowitz, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and Oxford University, UK, and Dante Cicchetti, PhD, University of Minnesota, USA