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Counterpoint in Composition: The Study of Voice Leading

by Felix Salzer and Carl Schachter Columbia University Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 477 pages
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''This book may become the most important music theory book for the next few generations of theorists, composers and performers.''
—Stanley Persky, City University of New York

Part 1. The Techniques of Elementary Counterpoint
1. Cantus Firmus and First Species
1. Cantus Firmus
2. Two-part Counterpoint, First Species
3. Three-part Counterpoint, First Species
2. Second Species
1. Two-part Counterpoint
2. Three-point Counterpoint
3. Third Species
1. Two-part Counterpoint
2. Three-part Counterpoint
3. Three Notes against One
4. Fourth Species
1. Two-part Counterpoint
2. Three-part Counterpoint
5. Fifth Species
1. Two-part Counterpoint
2. Three-part Counterpoint
Part 2. The Techniques of Prolonged Counterpoint
6. Counterpoint in Composition, I
1. The Direct Application of Species Counterpoint
2. Two Major Influences on Contrapuntal Texture
7. Counterpoint in Composition, II
1. Melodic-contrapuntal Prolongations
2. Counterpoint within Prolonged Chords
3. The Evolution of Dissonance
4. Repetition and Articulation
5. Harmonic Influences on Voice Leading
6. Chromaticism; Contrapuntal Leading-tone Chords
7. Octaves and Fifths
8. The Chorale
1. The Elements of Chorale Writing
2. Setting a Single Phrase
3. Setting Groups of Two or More Phrases
4. The Complete Chorale
9. Combined Species
1. Combination of Two Second Species
2. Combination of Second and Third Species
3. Combination of Second and Fourth Species
4. Combination of Third and Fourth Species
5. Combination of Two Fifth Species
6. Progressions from Combined Species in Composition
10. Voice-Leading Techniques in Historical Perspective (ca. 1450-ca. 1900)

The late Felix Salzer was a Professor at Queens College, City University of New York, and the author of Structural Hearing. Carl Schachter is a Professor at Queens College and at the Mannes School of Music and is the author of many essays on music theory.