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China Tripping: Encountering the Everyday in the People's Republic

by Jeremy Murray, Perry Link and Paul Pickowicz Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Pbk 168 pages
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This unique book is the first to bring together a group of leading China experts to reflect on their cultural and social encounters while travelling and living in the PRC. Covering nearly a half-century, these stories open a vivid window on a rapidly evolving country and on the zigzag learning curve of the China trippers themselves.

Part I: Early Trippers
Dirty Underwear, Paul G. Pickowicz (1971)
China Was Not Utopia, Anita Chan (1971)
Broom? Silk? Perry Link (1973)
Where Are the Child Psychologists? Martin King Whyte (1973)
Third-World Students in China, Donald Clarke (1977)
Part II: Openings
Young Journalists, Stephen R. MacKinnon (1978–1981)
The Operation of Power, Donald Clarke (1978)
The Rehabilitation of Sociology, Martin King Whyte (1979)
A Night with the Post Office Guys, James M. Hargett (1979)
Stamp Connections, Wendy Larson (1979)
Buying Socks, Perry Link (1979)
A Single Room, Vera Schwarcz (1979)
Death of a Tourist, Morris Rossabi (1979)
Expats, Stephen R. MacKinnon (1979–1981)
Part III: Stop Overexciting the Masses!
No Signs, No Maps, Charlotte Furth (1981)
Stop Overexciting the Masses! Thomas D. Gorman (1980)
Bureaucracy and Nosiness, Donald Clarke (1980)
The Stupidest Thing I Did in China, Suzanne Cahill (1980)
Representative of the Bourgeoisie, Charlotte Furth (1981)
Famous American Spy, Suzanne Cahill (1981)
Encountering Shandong, Joseph W. Esherick (1980)
High in Tibet, Melinda Liu (1980)
Part IV: Where Are We Going?
My Father's Hometown, Mayfair Yang (1982)
High-Rise Counterculture, Paul G. Pickowicz (1982)
Second Uncle and His Wife, Mayfair Yang (1982)
Manuscript, Stanley Rosen (1982)
The Local Officials: Whiffs of the Qing Dynasty, Mayfair Yang (1982)
A Fitting Chair, Jennifer Anderson (1983)
Thank You Very Much, Dru C. Gladney (1984)
Where Are We Going? Thomas D. Gorman (1984)
Old Lady, Stanley Rosen (1985)
Part V: Reading Tea Leaves
Books on Secondary Extraction, Geoffrey Ziebart (1985)
Making Assumptions, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom (1986)
Internal Document, Stanley Rosen (1986)
Brotherhood, Geoffrey Ziebart (1987)
Mickey Mouse at Peking U, David Moser (1988)
Reading Tea Leaves, Richard P. Madsen (1988–1989)
Eating Bitterness, Vera Schwarcz (1989)
From Clayderman to Cui Jian, James A. Cook (1991)
Catholic Church in Tianjin, Richard P. Madsen (1992)
Part VI: Welcome to Our Foreign Friends
Welcome to Our Foreign Friends, David Moser (1994)
Cradle of the Revolution, Andrew D. Morris (1996)
A Night at the Movenpick, Perry Link (1996)
Opium War, Andrew D. Morris (1996)
Special Powers, Jeremy Brown (1997)
Relationships, Not Names, David Moser (1998)
Estrangement, Nick Admussen (1999)
Part VII: Today's Everyday
Living in the White House, Marketus D. Presswood (2000)
The Loudness of the Lambs, Dru C. Gladney (2003–2004)
Men's World, Jeremy Brown (2004)
Malleable Rules, Philip F. Williams (2004)
Tashkurgan, Justin M. Jacobs (2007)
Mainlander, Jeremy A. Murray (2008)
Avoiding Long Lines, Paul G. Pickowicz (2010)
Hainan Fishing Captain, Jeremy A. Murray (2012)
Black Is Beautiful! Marketus D. Presswood (2013)
Darth Vader and the Triceratops, Maggie Greene (2014)
A Phone Call from the Party Secretary, Melinda Liu (2016)
Afterword, Minxin Pei
About the Contributors

Moving, surprising'and, on occasion, hilarious. These accounts of foreigners rediscovering China in the late twentieth century ring bells with anyone who has tried to grapple with this fascinating country and its culture. For those who have only ever seen the China of economic growth and tall skyscrapers, this book is a reminder of how far the country has come'and those who have tripped over it across the years.
Jeremy A. Murray is Associate Professor of History at California State University, San Bernardino.

Perry Link is Chancellorial Chair for Teaching Across Disciplines at the University of California, Riverside.

Paul G. Pickowicz is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Chinese Studies at the University of California, San Diego.