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Tibetan Medicine and You: A Path to Wellbeing, Better Health, and Joy

by Miriam Cameron and Tenzin Namdul Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Hbk 296 pages
AU$59.99 NZ$61.73
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All of us want to be happy and avoid suffering. So why are many of us anxious, angry, depressed? We suffer from pain, hypertension, inflammation, indigestion, insomnia, and addictions. Yet, too often we make choices that sabotage us rather than reverse what’s wrong. Tibetan medicine, Tibet’s ancient, comprehensive science of healing, offers effective tools for transforming suffering into health and happiness.


Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy, and that after our basic needs are met, happiness results primarily from our own thinking. When challenges arise, we can wallow in negativity and get sick - or even sicker - in mind and body. Or we can decide to create health and happiness. Making positive choices won’t solve every problem but will produce better results than poor or thoughtless decisions do.   


This unique book explains in everyday English how to use Tibetan medicine for self-care and as a complement to modern medicine. Tibetan medicine sheds light on the intricate relationship between mind and body. Each of us is born with a unique combination of energies called our constitution. Understanding our constitution empowers us to make conscious, informed decisions about our thoughts, diet, and behavior to keep our energies in balance. We learn to reduce stress, create health, prepare for death, and be happy.

né+Tibetan Medicine: Self-Care and Integrative Care by Miriam E. Cameron
né+The Practice and Relevance of Tibetan Medicine by Tenzin Namdul.

Part A: Tibetan Medicine as Self-Care.

Chapter 1: How to Be Happy!
aSitting Meditation and Circular Breathing.

Chapter 2: Live in Harmony with Your Constitution.
aGold Standard: Consultation with a Tibetan Medicine Practitioner.
a“Constitutional Self-Assessment Toola (CSAT) and “Lifestyle Guidelines Toola (LGT).
aComplete the “Constitutional Self-Assessment Toola (CSAT).
aComplete the “Lifestyle Guidelines Toola (LGT).
aUse the “Constitutional Self-Assessment Toola (CSAT) and “Lifestyle Guidelines Toola (LGT) together.
aMeditation on a Lotus Flower.

Chapter 3: Understand the Source of Your Existence.
aHealth Is Balance; Dis-ease Is Imbalance.
aEarth: Cold, Stability, Structure.
aWater: Moisture and Cohesion.
aFire: Heat.
aAir: Movement.
aSpace: Allows the Other Elements to Interact.
aTonglen Meditation.

Chapter 4: Keep Your Three Primary Energies in Balance.
aNyepa: Defect.
aLoong: Movement Energy.
aTripa: Hot Energy.
aBaekan: Cold Energy.
aBalance and Imbalance.
aMeditation: Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Chapter 5: Learn about Your Unique Nature.
aWho really am I?
aLoong Constitution: Nature of a Vulture, Crow, and Fox.
aTripa Constitution: Nature of a Tiger and Monkey.
aBaekan Constitution: Nature of a Lion and Elephant.
aDual and Triple Constitutions.
aMeditation: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Chapter 6: Create a Healthy Mind.
aWhat Is Mind?
aNegative Thinking, Suffering, and Dis-ease.
aHeal Negativity.
aDevelop Spiritual Immunity.
aMindfulness Meditation.

Chapter 7: Create an Enlightened Mind.
aBuddhism: Beyond Religion.
aThe Four Noble Truths.
aThe Eightfold Path of Ethics.
aImpermanence, Emptiness, Dependent Origination, Interconnectedness.
aUniversal Compassion.
aMeditation on the Medicine Buddha.

Chapter 8: Create a Healthy Body.
aDaily, Seasonal, and Environmental Changes.
aMeditation: Tibetan Prostrations.

Chapter 9: Create a Good Death.
aBardo: Intermediate State Between Death and Rebirth
aTonglen Meditation while Dying.

Part B: Tibetan Medicine in Integrative Care.

Chapter 10: Tibetan Medicine Past and Present.
aHistory of Tibetan Medicine.
aTibetan Medicine Today.
aGyueshi: Fundamental Text of Tibetan Medicine.
aFour Tantra of the Gyueshi.
aLoving Kindness Meditation.

Chapter 11: Tibetan Medicine's Code of Ethics.
aUnsuitable and Suitable Students.
aCore Values.
aTibetan Medical Education.
aExceptional, Ordinary, and Incompetent Practitioners.
aRewards for Excellence.
aShaking and Dancing Meditation.

Chapter 12: Disease.
aCreate Health.
aWhite Light Meditation.

Chapter 13: Diagnosis.
aHow to Prepare for Your Consultation.
aDiagnostic Process.
aMeditation on Anger.

Chapter 14: Treatment.
aTreatment Goal.
aTibetan Medicines.
aAccessory Therapies.
aMeditation on Sound.

Chapter 15: Tibetan Medicine for Health Professionals.
né+Scientific Basis.
né+Meditation: Loving Kindness Is My Religion.

Selected Bibliography

As a complete guide to Health and Happiness based on Ancient knowledge of Sowa Rigpa, (Tibetan medicine), the authors carefully presented the integrity of Tibetan medicine as complement to modern medicine and conventional way of life.

- Tsewang Tamdin, Visiting Physician to H.H the Dalai Lama, Chief Medical Officer, (Men-Tsee-Khang ) Dharamsala.

This book is an excellent presentation of the complexity of Tibetan Medicine in a simple yet thorough format the western mind can understand. The authors describe Tibetan Medicine as a truly integrative system that weaves together body, mind & spiritual aspects to balance a being’s healthful energies. Just as the mind can create suffering and disease, Buddhist practice and meditation is included to help decrease human suffering through understanding. This emphasis on the whole person brings new relevance of this book to Karma & Dharma practice. Highly recommended reading to Tibetan Medicine patients, students and healthcare professionals.

- Lobsang Dhondup, Founding Director, Global Institute for Tibetan Medicine

Cameron and Namdul understand that Tibetan medicine and Western medicine are all too often seen as competing paths to physical and emotional healing. They present a thorough and accessible summary of what ancient Tibetan medicine excels at as well as what Western medicine does best. Their hope in their collaboration is that both disciplines can get past entrenched biases, understand that neither approach need be in conflict but can complement one another for the betterment of us all.

- Sharon Salzberg, author of "Lovingkindness" and "Real Happiness"

Everyone wants to be happy! What a perfect truth and message to share with the world. Although more than 2,500 years old, few people know about this ancient healing system which teaches that healing and happiness begin in the mind. Tibetan Medicine and You: A Path to Wellbeing, Better Health, and Joy explains the concepts of Tibetan medicine which combines influences of classical India, China, and Central Asia with Buddhism. Living in harmony with your constitution is an important aspect of Tibetan medicine and this book provides tools to help you determine your innate constitution. Once you know your constitution, Tibetan Medicine and You: A Path to Wellbeing, Better Health, and Joy contains information about how to create balance through lifestyle choices, diet, herbs and meditation and provides a number of methods and techniques to follow for self-healing purposes. This book inspires deep appreciation for an ancient healing system that is totally applicable to our lives today. It is a treasure...

- Phyllis D. Light, MA, Herbalist, author of "Southern Folk Medicine: Healing Traditions from the Appalachian Fields and Forests"

This book by Miriam Cameron and Tenzin Namdul is an excellent resource for health care providers interested in traditional and integrative medicine. The scientific community is interested in the benefits of traditional medical practices and their biological mechanisms. Tibetan medicine can be used together with Western medicine to enhance healthy outcomes and improve lives of people. This interesting book is easy to read and full of great practical advice for healthy and happy living. Healthcare professionals, students, researchers as well as lay people will benefit from this ancient healing system.

- Omer Kucuk, Director, Emory Integrative Health and Medicine Center
Miriam E. Cameron, PhD, MS, MA, RN, is Lead Faculty, Yoga & Tibetan Medicine Focus Area, and Graduate Faculty, Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota. Since 1994, she has studied, conducted research, and taught graduate courses about Tibetan medicine, yoga, nursing, and ethics. She has published over 65 journal articles, nine book chapters, three monographs, three Internet modules, and three other books including Karma & Happiness: A Tibetan Odyssey in Ethics, Spirituality, & Healing, with the foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. She lives in Minneapolis.   


Tenzin Namdul, PhD, DTM, is a medical anthropologist and an experienced Tibetan medicine practitioner. Namdul has published research articles and an Internet module about Tibetan Medicine. He translated from Tibetan to English Tibetan Medical Dietary Book: Vol. I, Potency & Preparation of Vegetables by Yangbum Gyal. Currently, he is a faculty member at the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota. He lives in Atlanta.