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Data-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide

by Lee Wilson Emerald Publishing Limited
Pub Date:
Hbk 192 pages
AU$64.00 NZ$65.22
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This practical content guide empowers businesses to understand, identify and act on big-data opportunities, producing superior business insights for prolific marketing gains.

Chapter 1. Introducing data-driven content

a. Data-driven content

b. Business insights

c. Content creation

Chapter 2. Understanding the data ecosystem

a. Machine learning (ML)

b. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

c. Qualitative data
d. Quantitative data

Chapter 3. Data collection and management

a. Data collection points

b. Managing your data

c. The role of GDPR

Chapter 4. Transforming data into content

a. Understanding your audience

b. Deriving data insight

c. Creating a content action plan

Chapter 5. Understanding why your content isn't working

a. Overcoming content pain points

b. Bridging and integrating mediums

Chapter 6. Creating content for marketing channels

a. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

b. Paid Advertising (PPC)

c. Social Media
d. Emails and Newsletters

Chapter 7. Overcoming content barriers

a. Content for websites

b. Content for ecommerce sites / stores

c. Content for mobile devices

d. Content for voice & screenless search

Chapter 8. Making your content work harder

a. Revitalising existing content

b. Identifying new content

c. Your content creation framework

Chapter 9. Evaluating content success

a. Setting benchmarks, goals and objectives

b. Choosing the best KPIs

c. Reporting on results

Chapter 10. The future of data-driven content

a. The role of the machine

b. The role of the human

c. Human/computer collaboration

'A rarity among marketing writers, Lee Wilson has an eye for the true substance of effective marketing and eschews the usual mastication of common knowledge. Over the years I've been impressed with his writings and how he manages to cut to the core of the challenges that marketers face in the current digital age. The use of data to empower decision-making in marketing is hugely overhyped by many, but Lee has both the experience and the eloquence to formulate actionable insights that can be put to use both strategically and in day-to-day marketing execution.'
Lee Wilson is Head of SEO at the Top 10 UK Search and Digital marketing agency, Vertical Leap. Alongside his extensive agency experience, Lee has also worked within the Financial Services sector and for his own digital marketing company. He has led numerous marketing, search and digital departments, delivering success to businesses from start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs, through to multinationals and global brands. In 2016, Lee Wilson authored his first book, Tactical SEO: The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing which has now launched into international markets.