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Statistics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Health Professionals

by Manfred Stommel and Katherine Dontje Springer Publishing Company
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Pbk 350 pages
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This comprehensive, graduate-level text for advanced practice nurses and other health care professionals provides state-of-the-art tools that facilitate the reading and interpretation of articles in clinical journals that use increasingly complex statistical techniques. It goes beyond the usual offerings of such texts to address clinically relevant topics in bio-statistics such as survival analysis and evaluation of screening tests. The text emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying logic of statistical texts and models in order to correctly interpret them and effectively translate them into practice. It will also help readers to choose appropriate statistical methods for conducting their own translational research.

With a focus on disseminating information in easily understandable language, the text addresses basic statistical reasoning and four different classes of statistical models. It provides refreshers on the algebraic underpinnings of statistics in the appendices and more complex algebraic derivations in highlighted boxes throughout the text. This includes how to manipulate the exponential expressions and logarithms necessary for logistic and hazard regression models. The book also features clear explanations of more sophisticated statistical models, inference, and analyses. Chapters present examples from current research and multiple exercises designed to reinforce learning. These include both hand calculations and data analysis using SPSS or STATA software. Additionally, data sets for practice are available from the Springer Publishing website with instructions for producing output shown in the text in SPSS, STATA, SAS, and Microsoft Excel formats. A chapter on data management practices and ethical issues of privacy maintenance is also included.

Contents Preface Acknowledgments PART I: FOUNDATIONS FOR STATISTICAL THINKING 1. Introduction: The Role of Statistics in Research and Clinical Practice 2. Properties of Variables: Levels of Measurement 3. Descriptive Univariate Statistics 4. Probabilities 5. Logic of Statistical Inference: The Sampling Distribution and Significance Tests 6. Standard Errors, Confidence Intervals, and the Power of Statistical Tests 7. Research Designs and Statistical Analysis PART II: MODELS FOR CONTINUOUS/INTERVAL-LEVEL OUTCOME MEASURES 8. t-Test 9. One-Way Analysis of Variance 10. Linear Regression and Pearson'srCorrelation 11. Factorial Analysis of Variance and Analysis of Covariance 12. Multiple Linear Regression 13. Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance 14. Introduction to Mixed-Effects Regression Models PART III: MODELS FOR CATEGORICAL OUTCOME MEASURES 15. Nonparametric/Ordinal Statistics 16. Frequency Cross-Tabulations: 2 2 Tables 17. Logistic Regression With One Independent Variable 18. Logistic Regression Models With Multiple Predictors PART IV: MODELS FOR TIME-TO-EVENT DATA/SURVIVAL ANALYSIS 19. Incidence Rates, Life Tables, and Survival Function 20. Comparing Survival Functions in Different Groups and Hazard Regression PART V: MEASUREMENT MODELS 21. Reliability Coefficients and Medical Test Evaluation 22. Factor Analysis PART VI: ISSUES IN DATA MANAGEMENT 23. Data Management and Privacy Concerns APPENDICES A. Estimating Population Variance From Sample Variance B. One-Sided Probabilities for z-Scores of the Standard Normal Distribution C. Table of Critical t-Values for Several Significance Levels of t-Distributions With Different Degrees of Freedom (df) D. Normalizing a Nonnormal Distribution E. Table of Critical f-Values at the Significance Level ofa= 0.05 of f-Distributions With Different Degrees of Freedom (df) F. Proof That Phi = Pearson'sr G. Table of Critical Chi-Square Values for Several Significance Levels of Chi-Square Distributions With Different Degrees of Freedom (df) H. Refresher on Exponential and Logarithmic Transformations I. Standardization of Interval-Level Variables J. Answers to Selected Exercises Index

Manfred Stommel, PhD, is Professor, College of Nursing, Michigan State University. His recent research has focused on the Body Mass Index (BMI), its measurement in large population-based surveys, as well as antecedents and consequences of variations in the BMI. In particular, his research has explored mortality impacts of the BMI and physical activity as well as health service use associated with the BMI. He has been the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, or Statistician on 14 NIH- and USDA-funded research projects and has published over 100 articles in refereed journals including Nursing Research, Oncology Nursing Forum, Obesity, and JOGNN, among many others. He co-published Clinical Research: Concepts and Principles for Advanced Practice Nursing (2004). Dr. Stommel was the 2008-2009 Academy Health Senior Service Fellow at the CDC/National Center for Health Statistics. He is a regular reviewer for numerous journals, including Nursing Research, Social Science and Medicine, Preventing Chronic Disease, and Western Journal of Nursing Research. Katherine Dontje, PhD, FNP-BC, is Director of the Graduate Clinical Programs and Assistant Professor/Nurse Practitioner, College of Nursing, Michigan State University. She teaches in the APN program and has an active clinical practice seeing the full scope of primary care. Dr. Dontje has been PI or Co-PI on 12 research projects, including a WK Kellogg funded project on University-Based Nurse-Managed Care and a RWJ-funded project on the Quality of Outcomes from 3 Models of Nurse-Led Primary Care. She is presently a member of an interdisciplinary research team focusing on patient and provider aspects of the electronic health record. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on informatics and evidence-based practice for patient in primary care. Dr. Dontje has presented at regional, national and international conferences and has had more than 20 invited presentations. She has received numerous honors and awards, is a member of: ANA, AANP, MNRS, STT, and the Michigan Council of NPs, and has served in leadership capacity for many of them. She serves as a reviewer for Informatics and Nursing and Journal of Nurse Practitioners.