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Clinical Psychology: A Critical Examination

by Craig Newnes PCCS Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 160 pages
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Any theory is only as strong as its capacity to withstand sustained critical examination. The practice of critique must, therefore, form the basis of both good academic work and thoughtful clinical practice.

This new series of ‘Critical Examinations’ looks at the claims of Psychology and various of its sub-disciplines; their histories, achievements and possible futures. Craig Newnes, a leading critical thinker, takes a very close look at what the most thorough inquisitor would make of the assertions of his field. He examines theories and practice in a readable, accessible and entertaining style covering the major theorists, their work and the contexts in which their influence continues to wax and wane.

Of interest to under-graduate psychologists, post-graduate practitioners, academics and policy-makers. Also for anyone with an interest in critiquing the expansion of psychology throughout the media and our daily lives.

Introduction – A kind of biography

Ch 1. The nature of clinical psychology

Ch 2. The great and the good?

Ch 3. Problems with theory

Ch 4. Problems with practice

Ch 5. Problems with research

Ch 6. Professional clinical psychology: A club for the elite

Ch 7. Going mobile: The end of clinical psychologyAbbreviations used in the text

Subject index

Author index

Craig as always writes from the heart, with warmth, compassion and a wry humour. Thus ensures that the book is not only interesting and informative but good fun to read. … Craig dares us to move out of our comfortable professional positions to feel for our ‘clients’ as human beings, as people suffering and hurting like our own family members. This challenging of the cosy professional separation of ‘them’ and ‘us’ to instead consider clinical psychology as 'about us’ is so refreshing and inspiring. Rudi Dallos, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Research Director, Plymouth University
Craig Newnes is editor of The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy (formerly Changes), and a commissioning editor and author for our Critical Psychology series. Prior to his retirement he was Director of Psychological Therapies for Shropshire. He has a life time commitment to the NHS and is an outspoken critic of the hypocrisy, self interest, confusion and downright lies which characterise so much of the practise of psychiatry and psychology. He believes that unhappiness is a form of heresy and most of the misery for which people seek help is only amenable to alleviation through changes in their material lives.