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Children in Society: politics, policies and interventions

by Craig Newnes PCCS Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 170 pages
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In the same tradition as the best-selling Making and Breaking Children's Lives (9781898059707, 2005) this is an academically thorough collection of socio-cultural and critical reviews of the place of children and children's services in society. Contributions from well-respected practitioners and academics provide perspectives on constructing childhood, parent-hood, sexuality, ADHD, children and austerity, the family court system, parental blame and responsibility, learning disabilities, and poverty.   This book contains Australian content in the form of a chapter titled The Stolen Generations: The Forced Removal of First Peoples Children in Australia by Pat Dudgeon, Carmen Cubillo and Abigail Bray.

INTRODUCTION Protecting children, projecting childhood Craig Newnes
Children and childhood constructed Craig Newnes
Constructing innocence and risk as a rationale for intervention by Melissa Burkett
The Stolen Generations: The Forced Removal of First Peoples Children in Australia by Pat Dudgeon, Carmen Cubillo and Abigail Bray
Children and austerity by Carl Harris
Single motherhood by Laura Golding
Considering the Relationship between Vulnerability and Child Sexual Exploitation by Adele Gladman
Supporting children's wellbeing and resilience in the school setting by Jo Robbins
The Rights of Parents and Children In Regard to Children Receiving Psychiatric Diagnoses and Drugs by Peter Breggin
Learning Disabled Children by Katherine Runswick-Cole and Dan Goodley
Children and Electroconvulsive Therapy by Craig Newnes
Fostering by Carolyn McQueen
Don't Blame the Parents: Is it possible to develop non-blaming models of parental causation of distress? by Rudi Dallos
The Children's Disability Living Allowance Form: Policing dependency with a boundary object by Carl Walker and Orly Klein

Craig Newnes is editor of The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy (formerly Changes), and a commissioning editor and author for our Critical Psychology series. Prior to his retirement he was Director of Psychological Therapies for Shropshire. He has a life time commitment to the NHS and is an outspoken critic of the hypocrisy, self interest, confusion and downright lies which characterise so much of the practise of psychiatry and psychology. He believes that unhappiness is a form of heresy and most of the misery for which people seek help is only amenable to alleviation through changes in their material lives.