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American Tensions: Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice

by William Reichard New Village Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 336 pages
AU$44.99 NZ$47.82
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 This new anthology of contemporary American poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, explores issues of identity, oppression, injustice, and social change.
This anthology of contemporary American poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, explores issues of identity, oppression, injustice, and social change. Living American writers produced each piece between 1980 and the present; works were selected based on literary merit and the manner in which they address one or more pressing social issues. William Reichard has assembled some of the most respected literary artists of our time, asking whose voices are ascendant, whose silenced, and why. The work as a whole reveals shifting perspectives and the changing role of writing in the social justice arena over the last few decades.


AcknowledgmentsForeword by former US Poet Laureate Ted KooserIntroduction by William ReichardSection One: The Lives WeGÇÖre Given, The Lives We MakeLouise Erdrich GÇ£Future Home of the Living Godn++?B. H. FairchildGÇ£Speaking of Namesn++?GÇ£The Machinist, Teaching His Daughter to Play the Pianon++?GÇ£Workn++?GÇ£Keatsn++?Bobbie Ann MasonGÇ£Shilohn++? Dorothy Allison Bastard Out of Carolina (an excerpt)Nickole BrownGÇ£The Root Womann++?GÇ£The Smell of Snaken++?GÇ£Trestlen++?GÇ£In Wintern++?GÇ£Straddling Fencesn++?Tony HoaglandGÇ£At the Gallerian++?GÇ£Dialectical Materialismn++?Patricia Hampl The FloristGÇÖs Daughter (an excerpt)Nick Flynn GÇ£Other Meaningn++? GÇ£Seven Fragments (found inside my father)n++? GÇ£Father Outsiden++?Jonis AgeeGÇ£Good to Gon++?Patricia SmithGÇ£Man On The TV Sayn++?GÇ£Only Everything I Ownn++?GÇ£Inconvenientn++?GÇ£What To Tweakn++?GÇ£Golden Rule Daysn++?Mark NowakGÇ£$00/Line/Steel/Trainn++? (excerpts)James Cihlar GÇ£Lessonsn++?GÇ£Lincoln Avenuen++?GÇ£Resolutionn++?GÇ£Undoingn++? J. C. HallmanGÇ£Manikinn++?Hilda Raz GÇ£Avoidancen++? GÇ£Said to Sarah, Tenn++? GÇ£Transn++? GÇ£Aaron at Work/Rainn++? Greg HewettGÇ£Hymns to Nanann++?Section Two: That Which Holds Us Together, That Which Pulls Us ApartAdrienne RichGÇ£An Atlas of the Difficult Worldn++? (excerpts) Kristin NacaGÇ£Speaking English Is Liken++?GÇ£Uses for Spanish in Pittsburghn++?GÇ£Grocery Shopping with My Girlfriend Who Is Not Asiann++?GÇ£Speaking Spanish Is Liken++?Sherman AlexieGÇ£Indian Educationn++?Kenny FriesThe History of My Shoes and the Evolution of DarwinGÇÖs Theory (excerpts)Elizabeth AlexanderGÇ£Fuguen++?GÇ£Overture: Watermelon Cityn++?Brian TurnerGÇ£Observation Post #71n++?GÇ£Here, Bulletn++?GÇ£AB Negativen++?GÇ£Night in Bluen++?Ray GonzalezGÇ£Praise the Tortilla, Praise Menudo, Praise Chorizon++?GÇ£The Magnetsn++?GÇ£These Daysn++?Marvin BellGÇ£I DidnGÇÖt Sleepn++?GÇ£Bagram, Afghanistan, 2002n++?GÇ£Messyn++?GÇ£Poem Post-9/11/01n++?David MuraGÇ£First Generation Angelsn++?GÇ£The Young Asian Womenn++?GÇ£Father Blues for Jon Jangn++?GÇ£Minneapolis Publicn++?Scott Russell SandersGÇ£Under the Influencen++?Heid ErdrichGÇ£Guidelines for the Treatment of Sacred Objectsn++?GÇ£The Theft Outrightn++?GÇ£Butter Maiden and Maize Girl Survive Death Leapn++?GÇ£The Lone Reader and Tonchee Fistfight in Pagesn++?Mark DotyGÇ£Charlie HowardGÇÖs Descentn++?GÇ£Tiaran++?GÇ£Homo Will Not Inheritn++?GÇ£Beginnersn++?GÇ£Art Lessonsn++?Javier O. HuertaGÇ£Toward a Portrait of the Undocumentedn++?GÇ£Blasphemous Elegy for May 14, 2003n++?Eric GansworthGÇ£The Rain, the Rez, and Other Thingsn++? Yusef KomunyakaaGÇ£Autobiography of My Alter Egon++? (excerpts)Philip BryantGÇ£1959, Loomis Avenuen++?GÇ£Akhenatenn++?GÇ£The Glue That Held Everything Togethern++?Diane WilsonSpirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past (excerpt)Scott HightowerGÇ£Conjuring Warn++?GÇ£Falling Mann++?GÇ£But at the Churchn++?Ed Bok LeeGÇ£Polygutteraln++?GÇ£Burnt Offering: Mid-Novembern++?GÇ£Frozen in the Skyn++?GÇ£The Secret to Life in American++?Section Three: The Edge of the World GÇô The Contemporary EnvironmentAlison Hawthorne DemingGÇ£Culture, Biology, and Emergencen++?Bill McKibbenGÇ£Designer Genesn++?Deborah KeenanGÇ£So Much Like A Beach After Alln++?GÇ£It Is Fair To Be Crossingn++?GÇ£Not Getting Tired of the Earthn++?GÇ£Between Now and Thenn++?Donald MorrillGÇ£Lone Tree, 1986n++?D. A. PowellGÇ£continental dividen++?GÇ£cancer inside the little sean++?Anthony DoerrGÇ£Cloudy Is the Stuff of Stonesn++?Linda HoganGÇ£Humblen++?GÇ£Rapturen++?GÇ£The Radiantn++?GÇ£The Night Constantn++?Barrie Jean BorichGÇ£Waterfront Propertyn++?Emily WatsonGÇ£Alice & Emily, Diana & Dunesn++?Rights and PermissionsContributorsAbout the Editor

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