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Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders

by Christopher G Fairburn Guilford Publications
Pub Date:
Hbk 324 pages
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This book provides the first comprehensive guide to the practice of ''enhanced'' cognitive behavior therapy (CBT-E), the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders. Written with the practitioner in mind, the book demonstrates how this transdiagnostic approach can be used with the full range of eating disorders seen in clinical practice. Christopher Fairburn and colleagues describe in detail how to tailor CBT-E to the needs of individual patients, and how to adapt it for adolescents and patients who require hospitalization. Also addressed are frequently encountered co-occurring disorders and how to manage them. Reproducible appendices feature the latest versions of the Eating Disorder Examination interview and questionnaire.

The Publisher grants individual book purchasers nonassignable permission to reproduce selected materials in this book for professional use. For details and limitations, see copyright page.

Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health practitioners who treat patients with eating disorders; students and researchers in these fields.


1. This Book and How to Use It, Christopher G. Fairburn

2. Eating Disorders: The Transdiagnostic View and the Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Christopher G. Fairburn

3. Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-E): An Overview, Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper and Roz Shafran

4. The Patients: Their Assessment, Preparation for Treatment and Medical Management, Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper and Deborah Waller


Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders: The Core Protocol, Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper, Roz Shafran, Kristin Bohn, Deborah M. Hawker, Rebecca Murphy and Suzanne Straebler

5. Starting Well

6. Achieving Early Change

7. Taking Stock and Designing the Rest of Treatment

8. Shape Concern, Shape Checking, Feeling Fat and Mindsets

9. Dietary Restraint, Dietary Rules and Controlling Eating

10. Events, Moods and Eating

11. Underweight and Undereating

12. Ending Well


Adaptations of CBT-E

13. Clinical Perfectionism, Core Low Self-Esteem and Interpersonal Problems, Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper, Roz Shafran, Kristin Bohn and Deborah M. Hawker

14. CBT-E and the Younger Patient,  Zafra Cooper and Anne Stewart

15. Inpatient, Day Patient and Two Forms of Outpatient CBT-E, Riccardo Dalle Grave, Kristin Bohn, Deborah M. Hawker and Christopher G. Fairburn

16. "Complex Cases" and Comorbidity, Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper and Deborah Waller



Looking Forward, Christopher G. Fairburn

* Appendix A. Eating Disorder Examination (16.0D), Christopher G. Fairburn, Zafra Cooper and Marianne E. O'Connor

* Appendix B. Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q6.0),  Christopher G. Fairburn and Sarah Beglin

* Appendix C. Clinical Impairment Assessment Questionnaire (CIA 3.0), Kristin Bohn and Christopher G. Fairburn

"This is an excellent, well-structured, evidence-based guide to working with patients with eating disorders using enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy. It is comprehensive, readable, accessible to a wide range of practitioners and written by an internationally acknowledged expert in the field....Fairburn has a direct and open style of writing, which helps comprehension. The use of vignettes clearly demonstrates the application of the ideas and techniques. Another useful element is the inclusion of all the basic tools, including assessment scales, to aid practice."
Sarah Beglin, DPhil, DClinPsych, Adult Eating Disorder Service, Cambridge and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Kristin Bohn, DPhil, Dipl-Psych, Clinical Psychology Department, Royal Holloway University of London, London, United Kingdom

Zafra Cooper, DPhil, DClinPsych, Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, United Kingdom

Riccardo Dalle Grave, MD, Villa Garda Hospital Department of Eating and Weight Disorder, Garda (Verona), Italy

Deborah Hawker, PhD, DClinPsych, Psychological Health Services, InterHealth, London, United Kingdom

Rebecca Murphy, DClinPsych, Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, United Kingdom

Marianne E. O’Connor, BA, Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, United Kingdom

Roz Shafran, PhD, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom

Suzanne Straebler, APRN-Psychiatry, MSN, Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, United Kingdom

Anne Stewart, MB, BS, BSc, MRCPsych, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, and Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, United Kingdom

Deborah Waller, MB, BChir, MRCGP, 19 Beaumont Street Medical Practice, Oxford, United Kingdom