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Hypnotically Enhanced Treatment for Addictions: Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Gambling, Weight Control, and Smoking Cessation

by Joseph Tramontana Anglo American Book Company
Pub Date:
Pbk 160 pages
AU$59.99 NZ$61.73
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This book offers new strategies, techniques, and scripts as well as reviewing traditional methods of treating addictions.

The five key addictions addressed are:
•alcohol abuse and dependency
•drug abuse and addiction
•gambling compulsions/obsessions and addiction
•tobacco addiction (including cigars, pipes and chew)
•food addiction/compulsions.

Many of the techniques and strategies incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities, including: cognitive-behavioral techniques, reframing and other NLP techniques, systematic desensitization, covert sensitization, 12-step-programs, guided imagery and meditation, and more. The techniques described can be employed both in and out of trance.

''This volume is the distilled wisdom of Tramontana's three decades in the hypnotherapeutic treatment of addictions. Its chapters convey his methods for dealing with the key compulsions: alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating and smoking. Through them he emphasises the power of 12 step programmes; reveals when it is appropriate to seek abstinence or moderation and shows in detail how to “package” treatment so that each session has a specific purpose. His experience helps him to integrate techniques from diverse sources. Ideo-motor signalling, metaphor and meditation are creatively combined in treatment strategies and scripts in great number are provided so we can study how he chooses his words. Imbued with the insights of a long career, this work benefits us all. Its publication is most certainly a significant step in resolving the lack of literature on the subject of hypnosis and addiction. ''
- Zee Jabbar BA Hons DCHyp, Senior Lecturer Dip HE Clinical Hypnosis at St. Mary's University College

''When I started reading this book, I thought ''here we go again, another one of those authors informing us of his way being the right way of doing things''. I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. There are different philosophies of working with addictions and although I do not agree with them all of them personally, they are all valid approaches and should be considered. The author makes it clear that we need to listen to the individual client and learn quickly how they operate as well as following a structured treatment programme that he subscribes too. The book is full of suggestion scripts, metaphors and techniques that work with the presenting problem and would certainly boost the hypnotic 'kit bag'. I set out not wanting to like this book but upon reading it I can do nothing more than highly recommend it as a well rounded, idea initiating information carrier, particularly for the newer therapist to the profession.''
- Tom Barber, MA. Director, Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies.
Joseph Tramontana, PhD has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for 38 years working in private practice for the past 31 years. He is also a certified counselor through the National Institute of Sports Professionals.