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Genius! Nurturing the Spirit of the Wild, Odd, and Oppositional Child - Revised Edition

by George T Lynn Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 272 pages
AU$42.99 NZ$43.47
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Genius! is an inspiring guide to nurturing the remarkable abilities of ''attention different'' (AD) children diagnosed with conditions such as autism, Asperger Syndrome, AD/HD, bipolar disorder, or Tourette Syndrome (TS).

Drawing on their experiences with their own son, who has TS, George T. Lynn and Joanne Barrie Lynn offer a positive parenting philosophy and successful strategies for creating an affirmative social and emotional environment that unlocks the potential genius in ‘neurologically eccentric' children. The authors emphasize the importance of identifying the signs of giftedness, providing the necessary care and mentoring, and using medication with due consideration of its benefits and limitations. They also acknowledge the need to confront the ‘dark side' of atypical neurology – obsessiveness, self-centredness and hyperactivity – and offer helpful advice on ensuring parents' and carers' own emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

This book will be an essential tool for parents and carers to help bring out the best in their AD child and help him explore his full potential in life. This revised edition also includes additional material on working with older age groups.

Editor's Preface. Author's Preface. Acknowledgements. The Spirit in the Bottle. Introduction. 1. First Criterion: Caregivers Recognize the AD Child's Genius. 2. Second Criterion: Caregivers are Attuned to the AD Child. 3. Third Criterion: Caregivers Help the Child Discover a Great Story That Moves Him Forward. 4. Fourth Criterion: Caregivers Build the AD Child's Participation in a Community. 5. Fifth Criterion: Caregivers Address Physical Factors and Medication. 6. Sixth Criterion: Caregivers Help the AD Child Re-member Himself. Introduction to Part II. Seventh Criterion: Caregivers Practice High-Level Wellness in Their Own Lives.7. Self-Care Rule Number One: Live on Purpose! 8. Self-Care Rule Number Two: Live Free! 9. Self-Care Rule Number Three: Cultivate Love in Your Life. 10. The Peril of Neglecting to Nourish the Genius of the AD Child. 11. How Learning Disabilities Frustrate the Expression of Positive Genius. Conclusion. Appendix. The Field of Nurturing Awareness Checklist. Notes. Epigrams by Chapter. References. Subject index. Author index.

A rare and precious gift to all those working with neurologically challenged children.
George T. Lynn MA is a Certified Medical Health Counselor who pioneered the use of psychotherapy for adults and children with neuropsychological issues. When his son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 1991, he realized that personality can be powerfully impacted by brain chemistry independent of environment. George T. Lynn works with children and adults with ADD, Tourette Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and AS. He is the author of Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder. Joanne Barrie Lynn is the Mother of an adult son with neurological disorders. She is an award-winning writer, published in magazines, literary journals and anthologies. She teaches natural wood sculpture, and has taught ballet, jazz and tap. Before her son was born she was a management consultant.